The People's House (WIP) (UPDATED: 2/19/24) - Presidential Sim

How about a story of our spouse when they first met with MC and maybe their first date to add to their background content? Since it’s canon MC have a spouse.


I really agree with you. I think that we have in this oaltaforma many programmers and writers with a Romanticist tendency (Artistic tendency to value the old, mythology and folklore stories that gave us works such as Alice in Wonderland or Dracula)

I think the most realistic thing you could write within fiction would be science fiction, historical fiction or any other type of genre that is more believable with human reality and its history, such as Joseph Conrad and his book “Heart of Darkness”

And based on his words, he said he was not a writer with a lot of imagination but rather created fiction based on what he knows about our world, the human being and the experiences lived by the author or other recorded experiences of other people such as the Ana Frank’s diary.


Hmmm, what kind of game do you have in mind for the next game?

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What is this? A new political fiction game? Goodie! (Please don’t die)
Seriously though, these kind of themes are rare in here, and one of the more promising titles with the tag (United We Stand) kinda just stopped being updated, god knows whatever happened to the dev, so I’m excited for this.


Yep,Glad to see this one is thriving…United We Stand and When The Centre Held is a masterpiece


There is a whole post about my ideas for supporters on my Patreon. If you are a Patron, you can search “Future Story Ideas” on the posts and it’ll pop up.

I will do my best to stay alive! This is my 6th month (this is the first time I’ve realized this and it’s insane that much time has already passed) of working on it, and I have no plans on slowing down on the project.

I absolutely loved what I was able to read from these two stories, I really wish they were still being worked on!


Since I mentioned United We Stand. Have you considered making a visual representation of the two houses of Congress, like the one in the aforementioned game.

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Writer’s Diary #19
November 6th, 2022

Hello everybody and happy election month to those of you in the United States. Be sure to get out and vote this Tuesday if you’re registered and eligible! To anyone else who, like me, will be serving as a poll worker this election day, stay safe and thank you for helping to preserve our democracy.

The Updates

  • I’ve now officially begun work on the last leg of Chapter III’s foreign visits trip, the trip to Asia.
  • Specifically, I’m almost finished writing the portion of the story taking place in Japan and plan on finishing it this week while beginning to write the portion in South Korea by next week.
  • This portion of the trip will largely be centered around whether or not you’re able to establish SATO, the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization, essentially an Asian equivalent of NATO to counteract China.
  • Following your return home and your speech before the UNGA, the following Chapter IV will focus on the midterm elections and the ensuing chaos that comes with losing control of Congress.
  • Finally, I think I’ve decided that my November treat will be a mini-story following a day in the life of Jackson, the White House Chief of Staff. I have a lot of ideas for how I want to write this, and what I want to include in the day, but I’m hoping to write this mini-story by the end of the month. It’ll be available to all Patrons of any tier as an apology for not being able to implement a sale.

In all, I am very excited to be nearing the end of this Chapter. My forte is most certainly around domestic issues, so I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to write more while needing to research less sometime soon. Thank you again for the support, and I’m wishing all of you a safe and happy Election Day!

Updated Word Count: 161,000 words

Patreon Link: RFKramer is creating The People’s House | Patreon


I hope this chapter is to your liking as its creator. Also that I wish you a good and fruitful Tuesday as an electoral counter. Congratulations on the progress you are making.

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Also figured I’d reply to a few comments from above:

I have thought about this but I worry about the number of different graphs and diagrams that I’d need to have made or would need to make myself. There will be a total of four Congressional elections throughout the game (though only three would really need diagrams as the last one would take office after the game ends), and each of those elections would have several different possible outcomes.

I would like to include it, but I’m not sure how much additional work that would be in terms of the coding and design required.

And thank you! I’m certainly not 100% happy with how the Chapter stands, but I fully intend on going back and adding in more scenes to spruce it up a bit more to my liking later on.


Could SATO be just ASEAN? As ASEAN is also a cooperation between 10 SEA nations. Although not militarily, it also promotes economic, and trade freedom while also trying to curb China’s influence in the region by closing ties with Japan, the EU, or the US.


How is SATO different from the SEATO that existed in reality?


The main differentiating factor of SATO is the military aspect. Also, the fact that the United States isn’t a member of ASEAN.

SATO is really an attempt at re-creating SEATO. The real SEATO was dissolved in the 1970s and was largely considered a failure – the military aspect never really came to fruition and their military forces were never deployed once due to those failures.

So while the purpose of SATO and SEATO is the same, the intent is to create a functioning version of it with the specific goal of curbing the influence of China in the region both economically and militarily.


I’m Indonesian and I’ll give my take on Sato…if it doesn’t want to failed like it’s predecessor there has to be a real threat in the region for it to be seen as a necessity and not just seen as America trying to assert control in the region if there isn’t a real threat the only countries I could see joining are Thailand, Philippines and Singapore and if we push our luck maybe Malaysia as for the rest I doubt it… speaking for an Indonesian perspective, we have this fervent isolationist and nationalistic ideology blend in with a grain of neutrality on the side so it’s almost impossible for the government to just outright say yeah we’ll be on American side on this one even though we have a chummy relationship with them especially on military matter only when push comes to shove will the people support such alliance like if China outright declare Natuna Island as part of their country, of course things could change in the span of 30 years from now but I wouldn’t count on it our foreign policy ideology haven’t change much since independence so I would suggest adding a diplomatic crisis first before there’s a signing of SATO


I think that the same would apply in Latin America and Africa that despite having great economic ties with great powers, there is not so much real willingness to join sides or military agreements such as NATO. It is for this very reason that there have been no clear positions in the recent conflict in Ukraine. A mentality of neutrality and perhaps a bit of nationalism so that we do not feel obliged to get involved in conflicts that are foreign to us.


By the way, where will SATO’s headquarters be located? Also, what kind of military and economic cooperation will be carried out in SATO?


I’m guessing Singapore…it has a great geographic location right in the most important strait in the world and as for the economic cooperation I would suggest to the author to just dissolved ASEAN in this universe and Merged it With SATO so the countries doesn’t have to bother with making a new regulations and treaty and can just use the already existing one

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I just made an account for this forum solely to give my feedback.

This story is exactly what I’ve been wanting. I’m a passionate student of American History, and you clearly are doing your research. Best of luck :slight_smile:


Rubs hands together greedily


By the way, the developers seem to have decided that Saudi Arabia and Egypt cannot be democratized. The reason for the decision seems to be that they cannot be democratized peacefully and that the United States cannot go to war with those countries. What do you think about that decision?

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