The People's House (WIP) (UPDATED: 2/19/24) - Presidential Sim

Hi all, regular update coming out tomorrow but wanted to post a quick survey! At this point, I don’t think it’s a huge spoiler that there are possible affair options in the game. I won’t get too involved in the various options to avoid any larger spoilers, but I’m interested to see how many of you plan/have gone down each route!

As a general warning, there may be some mild spoilers ahead. Nothing major related to the plot, but avoid the post if you like going into stories with no prior knowledge at all!

Do you plan on exploring affair options?
  • I plan on staying loyal to my spouse in all playthroughs
  • I plan on exploring the affair options in my first playthrough
  • I wouldn’t pursue an affair option in my first playthrough, but would in future playthroughs
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For those of you who plan on exploring affair options either in your first or subsequent playthroughs, which option(s) interest you?

Interest in Affair Options
  • Walters (White House Staffer)
  • Bennett (Prime Minister of the UK)
  • “Old Flame”
  • Something else (Please share!)
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“What’s the ‘Old Flame’ option?”

While not set up like many other Choice of Games stories, there are three different “romance options” implemented throughout the story. The background of why you were interested in your eventual spouse determines which of the three romance options is selected. All three of them are unique characters who react differently to events throughout the story. If you select wealth, you’ll get Walfort; political connections, Richter; and for love, Clark. So, the “Old Flame” option will be an opportunity to meet with one of the two other spouse options you did not pick at the start of the story.

Happy to hear your feedback and suggestions as always!