The People's House (WIP) (UPDATED: 2/19/24) - Presidential Sim

Writer’s Diary #3
June 5th, 2022

Happy Pride Month to everyone and welcome to my third Writer’s Diary for my WIP Presidential Sim game, The People’s House! Feel free to look at the first post here to learn more about my story and play the demo.

Bug Testers Wanted

I am incredibly happy to have an updated demo released, and am super thankful to everyone who reported bugs for me to fix. As the story gets longer and longer it also takes me longer and longer to play through the story, so I, unfortunately, can’t catch all the bugs on my own. Because of this, I will be looking for some bug testers to bring on board!

I’ll be picking 1-3 bug testers in the upcoming week to help me make sure that all future demo updates are coming out bug-free (and that they’re typo-free!) These bug testers, ideally, will also help to improve my writing, to let me know when scenes feel choppy or rushed. While I of course can’t afford to pay these bug testers as I’m a full-time student, bug testers will get updated demos weekly!

If you’re interested in helping out as a bug tester, please just shoot me a private message! I’ll be picking people largely based on how active they’ve been on this thread and the feedback they’ve already given.

Supporting my Writing

Recently I got a message from someone wanting to donate money to support my writing through a Patreon. It was an incredibly heartwarming message to get, and I know that other authors have also set up Patreons or other sites. I, unfortunately, will not be setting one up just yet. I don’t feel that I can accept people’s money to help support this side-project of mine, definitely not yet anyway.

I have decided to revisit this and to set up a poll once The People’s House gets to 75k-100k words. At that point, I believe I might be more willing to set up some sort of system for people to give in order to get special access to things like polls, early updates to demos, and exclusive mini-stories that I may end up writing. I’d love to make writing a full-time career, but I’m just not there yet! Now, enough of my blabbering and onto the updates!

What’s New?

  • Massive bug fixes! As I said before, it has been very difficult catching all the bugs now that the story is nearing 30-35k words and a lot of different decisions. All of the bugs that have been reported, and some of the ones I found on my own, have now been fixed and updated so they’re no longer in the demo. A huge sorry to anyone that may have had to restart their game because of one!

  • An exciting new idea I had: I’ve decided to implement actual statistics into the game (sort of). Right now I have the stats Economy & Military. They’ll have a value of 1-5 (1 being poor and 5 being excellent) and will be invisible stats, meaning you won’t know exactly what they are or how your policies affect them until you get updates through your advisors & Cabinet. If you have any suggestions for other stats to include in the game, let me know (the main ones I’m considering right now are Deficit, which would impact the Economy stat, Education & Crime).

  • With these new stats, there will also be a new scene in Chapter 2 where you set the budget (thanks for Suzerain for this idea!). You’ll have the decision to increase, decrease, or maintain funding for several big branches with the option to try and balance the budget or increase the deficit even further. There will also be options to draft a tax bill to attempt to raise or lower taxes depending on your spending.

  • Continued doing writing for the first scene with the Cabinet and the meeting with the Big Four. Both of these scenes, I expect, will take a while because of all the different options I’ll have to write in! There are nine different scenes I have to write depending on your main focus and two to three different speeches for each selectable Cabinet member.

  • Seeing a lot of interest in the War chapter (understandably, fictional war is cool when you’re the boss), I’ve been putting a lot of work into outlining that chapter as well. I’m still not entirely sure exactly where this potential war would take place but I’m considering (right now) Venezuela, Iran, Ethiopia, Haiti, and Myanmar.

Updated Word Count: 33,000 words

Progress Update: 15% → 15%

As most of this week’s updates have been just bug testing, I haven’t been able to write too much into the story. Despite this, I am feeling really good about the progress so far! I’ve done some work that I’m really proud of with outlining future chapters and fleshing out ideas for this one.

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