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Writer’s Diary #2
May 28th, 2022

Welcome to my second Writer’s Diary for my WIP ChoiceScript game, The People’s House! New to the thread? Check out my first post here.

I’ll get right into it this time, progress is going well, albeit much slower than the Prologue and Chapter 1. The main reason behind this is all those pesky choices I gave you in the Prologue – I actually need to write in all those now. With being able to select the age of your children (a feature I’m very glad was suggested and implemented), I now need to write scenes with your family three times. Absolutely happy to do it, it just means that progress is going a bit more slowly!

Now, onto what I’ve been up to!

  • Really went in-depth with being able to customize your family further. You now will have two children and can choose the names, genders, and ages of them. You can pick from three age ranges, I forget exactly what they are off the top of my head, but the options are first grade (6-7), High School (14-16), and a recent Law School Graduate (25).

  • Started implementing a Progressive – Conservative scale to add to the stat screen. This will not be included in the upcoming demo update as I’m still working on it, but I have a lot of plans for the stat in the future. Not only will it implement how you’re viewed in the Epilogue, but it might just have some consequences if you stray too far from your base’s ideology. :wink:

  • Finished a very, very rough outline for the entire book! It is looking like the total thing will be about 10 Chapters including the Prologue and Epilogue (or half of that if you lose re-election).

  • Started work on Chapter 2, which focuses on your first 100 Days, and am now about 5,000 words into it. Still, a long way to go! About 3,000 of those 5,000 words is just a lunch scene with your kids which needs to be re-written for the two other age groups.

As I said, an updated demo will be out tomorrow.

Progress Update: 17% → 15%
Did a massive re-write of the Prologue with some additions to Chapter 1, as well as finished outlining future chapters. Making good progress into Chapter 2. Lowered progress because I’m very quickly realizing how ambitious of a project this is!

Updated Word Count: 31,000 words

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