The People's House (WIP) (UPDATED | 12/25/2022) - Presidential Sim

I suppose this could be somewhat easily fixed, I’ll certainly make note of it.

The demo is on dashingdon! There’s a link to it in the first post on this forum page, and for subscribers to my Patreon, there’s also a demo posted there with more of the story.


Damn,time really flies when you’re having fun
All i gotta say is congratulations for making this masterpiece man, I’ve seen so many great and ambitious political intrigue stories vanished through thin air because of stress, life’s problems etc etc,but yet here we are a year later and you’re still going strong with that massive 200K words and I’m glad I’ve been here since day one…to many successful days ahead :beers:


After around the discussion regarding the Progressive caucus’s bill for education, the scene cuts to Moderate Republican Caucus talking about moderate unemployment bill, instead of something relating to education.


Is that why Republicans are supporting child labor? Is it a bug in the system?

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Can you please post screenshots?

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Question: Is suposed to not load the next chapter after the speech ‘State of the Union’? Most WIP put the classic ‘play again’ menu, so just want to confirm.

The public demo is current to Chapter 2.

@Iukan Chapter 2 has the PC trying to get Congress to pass a bill and ends with “Address to a Joint Session of Congress”.


Where the 2 chapter start? I just remember the ‘Next Chapter’ buton after the ‘State of the Union’ speech

I’m talking about this page

Chapter 2 has the title a House divide or something.

The first chapter is about you setting up your cabinet and goals and issuing executive orders.

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I read old thread comments and even though the subject has died, I would like to give my opinion on the issue of creating a party, honestly I think it’s a terrible idea.

Being able to become a Maverick president is already making the protagonist the greatest recent statist in the history of US. For there to be another party with the strength to win the presidency in like, least then 10 years? The biggest American crisis in history would be necessary for a sudden change, the protagonist would have to have 200% charisma, the second American civil war would have to happen. The Soviet Union need to come back and the second black friday happen on the same time.

Maybe in a future game similar to another country, maybe in a fictional world like Suzerain to not have any problems and throw the limits of reality down the drain.

But pigs fly before there’s been another party in America with the strengh to win election this decade if not century.


So, it end there, thank you

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There is bound to be some friction between people and media if president approval rating are high and media outlets represents MC as a bad president ( for the most trivial of things like the way he way, eat, stand like the stupidest of thing it can give the player some amount of power as people will be generally more distrusting of the media.

And favourable media outlets who favours a popular president bounty to be more popular and more influencial as people will trust them to give the truth over everything, even if it’s not the case.

You could say Trump already managed it…in the worst way possible. To pull off my mc’s maverick mayor run to the presidency I figure you just need some real accomplishments (finally making progress on Portland’s stubborn homeless problem may do it for my mc) a compelling biography, charisma like Obama and of course a bit of luck (in my mc’s case I figure none of the more established Reps were willing to challenge a relatively popular incumbent like Hoffman allowing my mc to quickly wrap up the primaries against the C team). A very rare but far from impossible combination even if that does always make mc one of the great political talents of their generation I am okay with that.


Dunno why, but the game always crashes at this part

It’s the end of the demo

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