The People's House (WIP) (UPDATED | 12/25/2022) - Presidential Sim

I find it intresting people are asking for features from the Democracy series, despite the fact they probably never played it. (Not saying that it’s good or bad.) However I have a way it could be added.

As you can see, this is a chart. The best chart believe me.

So what you could do is take something similar to this, and just have an X that moves around. On my amazing chart for intelligent people there are 25 points it could be on, so just move it around and take 25 screenshots. Not a perfect solution, but it would probably go along the percentages nicely. No need to thank me my ideas are the best ideas, no one knows charts like I do believe me.

Regardless of my strength, intelligence, perfection, and humility. There is one truth we can all agree on is that if there was a federal ban on stupidity, everyone in the government would be a criminal. In other words, nothing would change.

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I don’t think that’s doable with CS


federal bans on stupidity? No, not in the current version. But enough users ask for it, who knows?

If you mean the chart, though, that stinks. Can still be done via text though.


Although it could be feasible if it is done through two separate balance bars regarding the political right and left and another for the economic one (I mean if your policies are focused more on liberalization or greater control over these fields)


Though I personally didn’t think this stat is necessary in the story. Because just like in real life you know within yourself what you did in the line of duty.


Writer’s Diary #2
May 28th, 2022

Welcome to my second Writer’s Diary for my WIP ChoiceScript game, The People’s House! New to the thread? Check out my first post here.

I’ll get right into it this time, progress is going well, albeit much slower than the Prologue and Chapter 1. The main reason behind this is all those pesky choices I gave you in the Prologue – I actually need to write in all those now. With being able to select the age of your children (a feature I’m very glad was suggested and implemented), I now need to write scenes with your family three times. Absolutely happy to do it, it just means that progress is going a bit more slowly!

Now, onto what I’ve been up to!

  • Really went in-depth with being able to customize your family further. You now will have two children and can choose the names, genders, and ages of them. You can pick from three age ranges, I forget exactly what they are off the top of my head, but the options are first grade (6-7), High School (14-16), and a recent Law School Graduate (25).

  • Started implementing a Progressive – Conservative scale to add to the stat screen. This will not be included in the upcoming demo update as I’m still working on it, but I have a lot of plans for the stat in the future. Not only will it implement how you’re viewed in the Epilogue, but it might just have some consequences if you stray too far from your base’s ideology. :wink:

  • Finished a very, very rough outline for the entire book! It is looking like the total thing will be about 10 Chapters including the Prologue and Epilogue (or half of that if you lose re-election).

  • Started work on Chapter 2, which focuses on your first 100 Days, and am now about 5,000 words into it. Still, a long way to go! About 3,000 of those 5,000 words is just a lunch scene with your kids which needs to be re-written for the two other age groups.

As I said, an updated demo will be out tomorrow.

Progress Update: 17% → 15%
Did a massive re-write of the Prologue with some additions to Chapter 1, as well as finished outlining future chapters. Making good progress into Chapter 2. Lowered progress because I’m very quickly realizing how ambitious of a project this is!

Updated Word Count: 31,000 words

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Writer’s Diary #1


What happened to the update to the demo?


Demo Update and Exciting News!

First, I’d like to apologize for the delay, but the first update to the demo is now available to the public! To make up for it being a little late, I’ve thrown in the first little bit of Chapter 2 as a bonus. I apologize in advance if there are any bugs in Chapter 2, but it should be playable.

I was also incredibly honored to find out that I was selected as one of two people to receive the New User of the Month award for May! I owe it to all of you for your incredible support, so thank you so, so much.

Now, onto the additions:

  • All 50 states are now in the game (plus a new region, the Pacific West coast!)
  • Backstory options have been increased to include a military and law route.
  • You now get to choose your first elected office after your term in the State Senate (Mayor, Congress, Governor, or Attorney General of your State).
  • A customizable family, you now can pick the names, genders, and ages of your two children.
  • The beginnings of Chapter 2, your first 100 Days and first TV interview

Updated Word Count: 32,000 words

The first post has been updated so you can access the demo again! Link here!

As always, I appreciate any and all feedback, suggestions, and comments that you may have!


How will this council of unemployment and budget balance be done? I mean, that by supporting very “socialist” things we do not present a tax burden on public finances and we end up promoting neoliberal policies as Ronald Reagan and his British counterpart, Margaret Thatcher, did. After the financial burden of the welfare state on both nations in the 1980s


Since it doesn’t seem to come up in the game, at least not so far – If the MC is LGBT+, are we the first openly LGBT+ US President?


Absolutely love what the demo is showing so far; I always thought a politically focused choicescript game would be amazing.

If you have it figured out yet, how much will we be able to do in terms of foreign policy? Will I be able to do things such as recognize Palestine or negotiate denuclearization with NK?


I can’t wait for the second chapter to be completed.

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whitehouse line 358: Non-existent variable ‘child1politics’
The above message appeared and the game froze.


This will all depend on the findings of the committee you create through your Executive Order (if you sign that one) and then if you decide to take their advice or not. You will be able to decide what your approach to each issue will be, and your decision will determine how successful it was.

I suppose it’s possible? As you are told in the game, you’re sworn in as the 48th President. In this timeline, President Hoffman is elected in 2020 instead of Joe Biden, and President Reynolds succeeds them (Both fictional characters). I didn’t really include much about whether or not either of those Presidents were LGBT+ but it’s certainly possible.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying it so far! As for foreign policy, that will be a huge component of Chapter 3, in fact, almost all of it will be about your trip abroad which you pick out in Chapter 2. So to answer your question – it depends on the region of the world you pick.

If you decide on the Middle East trip, you will have the opportunity to decide whether or not to recognize Palestine. If you decide on the Asian trip, you will have the opportunity to work towards denuclearization with North Korea.

So sorry about this bug, I changed a variable in Chapter 2 and forgot to edit it on the startup page. This bug has been fixed now. Apologies for the inconvenience!


Regarding diplomacy, is there anything about democratization in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Russia and China?

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Got an error when selecting a state, “line 187: invalid string, open quote with no close quote” (sorry for obfuscating the state name, rather not out myself).
Related, could you add the option to not be a fan of where you grew up? Technically from the South and for reasons that should be obvious, it feels kinda icky to be told that I “loved the community” and all that.


I noticed that too. Though I do like the city choice for Texas being Austin, since Austin is notoriously a liberal enclave in Texas so it could work for either party.

(I’m not actually from Texas, but that’s the state I selected for my MC on the most recent playthrough)


I don’t think I’ll focus on democratization in that Chapter too much, mainly because the U.S. has tried time and time again to promote democracy in nations to no avail. I will say that this may be a potential outcome if and when I include a war chapter/outcome.

This bug has been fixed, thanks for letting me know!

This I’m more unsure of. A huge point of the story is public service for your community (that is, after all, what working in government and in elected office is). I’m also not sure how I’d fully incorporate that without going so much deeper into the Prologue.

This could be something I could add later on in a flashback but I’ll have to think some more about it. Not to say that it absolutely won’t be included, but I likely wouldn’t go back for another large addition to the prologue until I have a lot more of the story finalized and am ready to go back for more edits.


I would say it’s pretty difficult to have a meaningful impact on your community if you love it exactly as it is.


I suppose that for this, before receiving advice, we receive a general report on the general state of employment in the country as well as the issue of the budget. And from then on we adopted measures that a Republican or a Democrat would adopt. Although the consequences of these, how would they be defined?