The People's House (WIP) - Presidential Sim

Ah this all looks very good. I am very sorry about the tiring amounts of research. I hope it gets better. I knew a lot of people in APUSH, AP Human Geography, and AP Government who bought grey market Adderall for that exact reason. If these blue-blooded resumen who go to the modern equivalent of the Arisaka Academy, couldn’t do it without buying the world’s second most boring drug, then you are quite possibly the greatest researcher of all time.

Don’t worry about them. They turned out fine. Edmond police will let you off with a warning for just about anything. Whether it’s littering, running a red light, vandalism, murder, or attempting to blow up the world. Unless you go half an inch towards OKC. Those people put the Oblivion guards to shame. They spend all day every day gunning people down for jay walking.

One time, my Uncle Jeff stole a free balloon in OKC. He got off easy and was only shot 37 times.

In all seriousness, I appreciate the amount of effort you put into this. Good job.


Little Off topic. but I love the fact that we can address the southern border with mexico, by signing a executive order to address the southern border by building a border wall. this was definitely inspired by ol boy trump wasn’t it. This will certainly not come back to bite us in the ass. (it will) but anyway we could pretend to be trump in the game for pretty obvious reasons. Oh just quick question by signing the executive order to ban middle eastern people from traveling to the Usa for 120 days how will this affect the middle east trip.