The People's House (WIP) (NEW LINK | 11/19/2023) - Presidential Sim

Thanks so much for fixing the issue! The saving system now works! Have a very good day!


I seem to can’t get past the the UN meeting section and into the next chapter


That is the end of Chapter 3, which is the end of the public demo.


But last time peoples can enter chapter 4 in the public demo?


Here is what the public demo is supposed to include:

On the initial post, the link to the Patreon demo was posted accidentally in place of the public demo. This was fixed immediately. The new public demo link (with no save issues) only goes to the end of Chapter 3, as it is supposed to.


I found a switch up in the Democratic President run. I’m running as the Democratic President who’s first piece of legislation is Progressive Border Control. None of the DemVPs support it but all the RepVPs do lol

Edit: which is ironic cuz Progressive Border Control is the exact opposite of what the Republicans want thus making a run with a DemVP impossible as they won’t break the 50-50 tie but the RepVP will break the 50-50 tie voting in favor of the legislation


I can finally make America great again


Love the demo, I really only have one main critique. I’ve lived in AZ pretty much my whole life, and I’m honestly not really sure that the whole “strong arm Berkowitz by revealing he’s Catholic” thing makes sense. I mean, we had Doug Ducey as our governor for 8 years, and he was very openly Catholic (there’s literally pictures of him getting ashes at St. Mary’s Basilica for Ash Wednesday back when he was governor). There’s also Kyrsten Sinema, our senator, who’s an atheist (though she has sort of rejected the label). I feel like it would make more sense if there was something else we could reveal about Berkowitz, since I don’t really think constituents from AZ would necessarily care about him being Catholic, given who we’ve elected in the past.

Unless, of course, this isn’t meant to be an exact copy of actual Arizona, in which case it totally makes sense.


Writer’s Diary #38
December 5th, 2023

Hello! I’d like to apologize for not being able to get this update out on time this weekend, I was once again moving and wasn’t able to put aside the time to post. Nevertheless, I have a lot of great progress and news to share!

The Updates

  • Our lovely Camp David scene where you will mull over your re-election decision is written! I am planning on going back to add some more flavor and additional scenes with family at a later date, but as of right now the first draft is complete
  • This one portion of the story is around 9,000 words total (including branching), so this is the only major thing I can announce without spoiling too much – part of the reason for the length: there is entirely different dialogue and events depending on which spouse you selected, your relationship with them, and how old your children are
  • Next, I’ll be getting into your announcement (that either you are running or you aren’t) – I also wanted to make clear that not running isn’t an immediate “game-over,” you’ll still be able to play through the remainder of your term
  • For Patrons: the December Edition of the demo is live! It includes everything I’ve written so far and the demo should end with you making your decision and calling Jackson to inform him of it
  • Lastly, I’m trying out a new writing schedule, more on that below!

New Writing Schedule

Over the past week or so, I’ve been working to put together a new set of goals for my writing to (ideally) help updates come out more frequently. I should stress before I get into them: these goals are ambitious and I am not fully confident I will meet all of these self-imposed deadlines.

The first big change to my short-term writing goals – I’ve transitioned from an hourly goal (write for three hours a week, as an example), to a words-based goal. Going forward, I’ll be aiming to write about 7k words per week (1k a day).

My long-term goals would be to have the draft ready and edits beginning around November 5, 2024 (Election Day), and to be ready to publish around January 20, 2025 (Inauguration). This is theoretically possible if I keep with my writing goals and if the chapters are around 60,000 words each. The past two chapters I’ve written have been 90k and 85k words each, so there’s definitely no guarantee that I’ll meet these long-term goals.

It would be great to be able to publish around the time of the inauguration where there’s a lot more interest in politics and the Presidency, but I of course don’t want to make any promises that I may not be able to keep. After all, I’d rather spend more time writing to keep in line with my biggest goal, which is to write a story where your choices really do matter.

Updated Word Count: 300,000 (!!!) :confetti_ball:

Patreon Link: RFKramer is creating The People’s House | Patreon