The Passenger is OUT!

Good job and good choice of music! Glad to see this list almost at a half point, really want to play a full version.


Amazing demo. I can’t wait for the full game


How are you doing, gang? This week I wrote 5k words and now I’m halfway through scene number 4. I really want to be done with this scene before the month ends :writing_hand:

Stay safe, hugs!


Hands down buying this asap


Incredible read, never have I ever been so enraptured in a COG demo before, including a published story! I read every chance I could and was completely hooked! Just completed the demo and I’m sobbing but very much excited for updates and ultimately the release! Keep up the awesome work!


Hey gang, this week I wrote 5k words and I managed to finish the 4th scene before June :grin:

I’m finally moving on to the last big scene, then it’s rewriting some smaller bits plus all the other stuff on my list :sweat_smile:

The List:

  • Rewrite scene 1 :white_check_mark:
  • Rewrite scene 2 :white_check_mark:
  • Rewrite scene 3 :white_check_mark:
  • Rewrite scene 4 :white_check_mark:
  • Rewrite scene 5 :green_square:
  • Fix pacing :green_square:
  • Add choices :green_square:
  • Fix code :green_square:
  • All the other stuff I don’t remember atm :green_square:

Stay safe, hugs!


I don’t know how it normally goes, but damn I think you’re updating pretty fast. I couldn’t be more excited for this to finally be completed. Keep up the great work and stay safe!


Oh, i just got out of a five month writers block :laughing:

Thanks and welcome to the forums :grin:


Hey gang :grin: This week I wrote 5k words more and I’m hoping to finish the last scene by next week. Super excited to reach that milestone, wish me luck :kissing:

Stay safe, hugs!


Hey gang, so I have yet to finish the epilogue :no_mouth: but today something very cool happened: The Passenger reached 1000 likes :partying_face: how cool is that?

To celebrate I’m thinking I’ll answer a bunch of character interactions/scenarios on tumblr. I have like 30 of those in my inbox, but you can send your asks and maybe I’ll pick some new ones. Maybe I can answer a bunch with the same theme (I know I have a lot of angsty asks right now :kissing:)

Stay safe, hugs!


Every time I see your Beavis display picture I get so excited to see what you’re up to.

I love The Passenger so much. It’s so different, sometimes silly and rather serious at the same time. I can’t wait to see it published so that I can hand over my money, praise the book online forever and feed into my ego of being a fictional God.

You’re so detailed, the world building is astounding and entertaining, and I’m excited to see where it all goes while also incredibly paranoid about the developments.

Best of luck to you, your asks and your writing! I’m a huge fan.

P.S, I simp Jonny so hard. Ugh.




Hey there, I just finished reading the demo of your work, and woah, I am delighted ! I can’t believe it took me so long to find such a beauty !

I really enjoyed what you had to offer so far, and I cannot wait to read the rest of your world. One thing which I found was really outstanding to me was the atmosphere which you created. It really had me totally immersed into the story, and that’s really saying something, for someone like me !

Anywho, I wish you the best for the continuation of this little project, and I hope it can soon get all the attention and recognition it deserves ! Can’t wait to see your future updates !


I think this is an amazing story so far. I was planning on trying to find grammar errors and odd sentences before I read it, but it was so good that I immediately forgot to look for those, and I lost track of time reading the story, and then rereading it


Hey gang, confession time: these last weeks I’ve been dealing with a lot in real life, in fact, I think I’ve been dealing with a lot for a couple of months now and you know when you keep going and you’re feeling like that meme of the dog in the room on fire and you keep telling yourself that everything is fine? I think that’s been me for a while.

I’ve decided to take two weeks to recharge and basically turn off my brain. Working on a couple of no-thoughts-head-empty tasks sounds like heaven right now.

So I’ll come back with more TP news next month probably.

Take care, stay safe, and pay attention to your mental health—I swear, one moment I was miss honey, and the next I was blowing up at everybody. Hugs!


You either take a break as Miss. Honey, or stress yourself out enough to become Miss. Trunchbull.

All jokes aside, I really do hope that you start feeling a lot better soon. There’s no need to put a time limit on self-care. I think I speak for the majority when I say that we’re in it for the long haul—your project is awesome. As are you! Take care :heart:


Hey there, gang. Popping up after a month to let you know I’m feeling better :kissing: So, that break ended up being a bit more than 2 weeks, sorry about that :sweat_smile:

I’m planning to start slowly so as to warm up those writing muscles, so I haven’t set a word goal for now (for like 2 months it was writing at least 5k words per week)

Hope you’re ok and staying safe, hugs!


This is SO GOOD. Good luck with the game!


Im glad you are feeling better.


Heyy, I caught some typos and weird phrases (not a native speaker, take the latter with a pinch of salt :))


I’m pretty sure I selected the running option, not swimming


How long have you lived/How much time have you spent?

Look at you/look you in the eye?


Picks up the receiver, Does she do? (‘Who this’ is intentional here, right? Like a sort of a rough greeting?)

Finally, extra articles (‘a’). Unsure about ‘You caught up’. I think I’d like ‘you’ve caught up’ better, but then again English tenses have never been my forte. :smiley: Also, ‘thanks to my own slip-up’ sounds a little bit like MC is thankful to have slipped up (as opposed to a more neutral ‘because of’), but then again maybe it fits because she’s congratulating the Hunter and they probably are thankful for the slip-up??? I don’t know, I might be overthinking this lol