The Oval Office : New Update! (Half of Chapter 3) July 31st, 2018



Those poor girls killed in a drone strike what does the nudist president who’s making out with a reporter and high five the cameraman have to say about this tragedy?

I honestly expect to end up in a daisy chain with my VP, the reporter, and my secret service agent at some point lol.


:joy: Yo careful what you type :joy: you had me choking on my own hair over here :joy: and in other news this book/game is freaking fun and keep up the good work @Spyder :grin:


After the reaching into our secret service agents pants getting them turned on do we still get a “young adult” tag?


I think it’s safe to say that this game is firmly MATURE. Read at ur own risk :eyes::eyes::eyes:.


Aww dang. How did u know I was gonna do that???


Telepathy or a time traveler…
The secret is out about @GenecoInheritor


I understand and I think so too. If y’all actually feel like that’s the case, I’ll tone down the silliness.



Nah I enjoy it.


cries :crying_cat_face: :dragon: you wouldn’t make the cats & dragons sad too would you?

Edit:Love game the way your making it.


That was actually the plan, I jus wanted to release the chapter quickly but u can ask @DUNGEON_MASTER I wrote a bunch of scenes for that one :joy::joy:


With so much drama due to the NERF GUNS, I’ll change the weapon of choice to paintball guns… Maybe that will make every one happy :joy::joy:


UPDATE: Writing the next half chapter along with the 4th chapter currently. It’s the only free time I’ll have :sob::sob::sob:


Hey dont overstress yourself burnout is real.


Paintball guns would probably fit slightly better
But of course there is the old slogan


Damn that’s hilarious :joy::joy::joy:. That’s my argument right there folks. U definitely earned my laugh of the day :sob::joy:


You should definitely drop the scene about the choicescript games, it’s very disruptive to the feel of the game.


When choosing the MC’s career, what age the MC was elected at doesn’t change in the text.
The MC can be 35, but when choosing the military background it says the MC is 40.

At the age of 40, I became the youngest President of The United States.

In the politician background.

I became one of two Senators of my state, (whatever they choose as their home state)

The bolded text needs to be deleted.

“Owww,” says your other child, Jacob groaning as He rubs His head.

Uncapitalise the bolded words.

“Yes, sir/madam.” He/She says through his teeth.


The above text needs to be coded to account for the secret service person’s gender.


That’s a semi-regular thing in a few games here that make comments like this.


Why not create a poll? (visually impared, otherwise I’d do it myself) . Like
Do you like the games current tone with regards to seriousness:
Yes, in fact it should be sillier!!!
Yes, but I wouldn’t want it any sillier.
No, it needs toning down a bit.
No, it needs toning down a bit.
No, it needs toning down a lot.
It’s fine, but needs to be more consistent.

…Also not read this part about the general, waiting till the full chapter is complete, but why not just make guns out of their hands and make “pew pew!” noises? :stuck_out_tongue: .


I belive t that falls under


You can save the extra scenes for the private beta.