The Oval Office : New Update! (Half of Chapter 3) July 31st, 2018



that actually very interesting. I just though secret service were the protectors of the president (that could have been better phrased but oh well) I mean I know a lot of the behind scenes part of the secret service as my father was in the secret service, he just left the job after being put on the VP detail few months ago. fun fact about the secret service the man who shot Reagan to get attention from an actress. is still has a detail.


Wait, just about when did we have presidential protection detail here now…


@Spyder when the MC is asked about staying with or leaving NATO, I chose the neutral option because I didn’t know my stance on not at that point. but I’m not sure if you have an answer for this but have the nations of NATO done their fair share and payed 2% of their GDP on the NATO military


Don’t want to go too off topic, but thought i’d answer this. I’ve seen The Donald say this isn’t the case, as well as some right wing media, where as left wing and mainstream media say countries do pay 2%. Honestly it’s like with the immigration scandal at the minute. The Donald and right wing media says Obama started “locking up kids” where as left wing media…well I haven’t seen any stories challenging this, but they say Trump intensified things or what not. So yeah, being in the UK I’m not an absolute expert, maybe there is an actual answer out there(though personally I’m distrustful of politicians so would be hesitant to take the answer they give as fact ) but for me it’s just a case of who you want to believe, like with most issues.


@CreepyPastaKittyFay - Whenever you see or hear something from Trump’s mouth or twitter or statements, always remember that his truth changes over time.

The latest example: He went from claiming a meeting his 40 year old son had with Russians was to talk about adoption until just yesterday when he tweeted that this same meeting was in reality a meeting “to gain dirt on Hilary.” … so for the last six months or so, this meeting was to talk about adoptions from Russia. Now, by his own admission, this meeting was to gain information from the Russians to use against his political opponent.


True but I think it’s probably the case that politicians and journalists might take advantage of Trump’s unreliability, inconsistency etc to put forward the narrative “well if he’s wrong, that must make us right”, taking advantage of the fact that most people will assume Trump is exaggerating/lying/being inconsistent etc. So neither side might be fully telling the truth, or the truthn might lie somewhere closer to the middle.

After all journalists, politicians etc all have biases obvs, and all have their own version of a narrative. They of course all want you to believe their take on things. So I’m not saying Trump is right, he’s wrong(I can safely say tis about most things he’s said anyway, Russian involvement in the election, vaccines giving children autism, that he isn’t racist etc), but personally I have a hard time believing most politicians/journalists straight off the bat, and I can’t always find enough good sources for an issue(like with the claim Obama was “locking up kids”).


sorry I had seen the little bit of him saying this and then I had to leave for school so i’m not so knowledgeable about it. the news was on my tv that day so I heard that bit.

so if I remove this bit

the question is are they paying it, doesn’t matter if they were before or not are they?


Here you go @Spyder your wish shall be granted


Let me just say, I love when @Eiwynn comes past this thread :grin: What you said is very true, the “president” hasn’t told the truth on many topics even since before the election, so I take every damn thing he says with a handful of salt.

With that being said, I will look into whether only 2% of the GPD is paid to NATO.

(let it be known I have absolutely NOTHING against Republicans, so I’m not bashing them or putting them in an unfair light. What I WILL say is, I have everything against Trump and what he has done on many occasions, such as his comments regarding the Neo NAZIS(!!!), detaining innocent children and separating families, lying about any collusion with Russia, lying about giving money to a pornstar… the list goes on and on. This may seem a shock to a lot of people, as I have refrained on giving my personal political opinions, but let it be known I will NEVER stand for anything that man has, or will do.)


Thank you :grin::hugs: means so much to me.


you welcome (20 Char)


I noticed a lack of options to visit India. Democracies should stick together!:smile:
For achievements (a little late to the party):
Hyperpower- US becomes a hyperpower
To The Stars- The US develops a thriving lunar colony
The Armies and the Arsenal- US, India and other democratic countries end up truly ruling the world.
I Kept My Promise- Complete all chosen objectives from Ch. 2
Olympus Imploded- Get outed for high treason
Golden Age- Usher in an era of world peace and prosperity
Calamity- Intelligent alien archeologists pieced together what terrible fate befell mankind while you were in office


OMG! What exactly are you saying, that the world basically went to pieces while you were still in office?


Yup! The President’s actions led to human extinction.


I mean Nukes Nuking stuff is fun


@Spyder, could it be possible to include Lunar missions or Martian missions as part of the objectives?


Ya… Probably not soon though. It is a good idea though. Then again, I think NASA suspended lunar missions in favor of more scientific expeditions… lol idk, i’ll look it up then see what I can do.


You could Nuke the moon???


Terraformed Mars and got elected first President of Mars


Maybe then it will have its own glow…