The Oval Office : New Update! (Half of Chapter 3) July 31st, 2018



Freedom is slavery: Reinstitute Some Form of Slavery


Offensive Lockdown: pass a law making Hate Speech a crime

ThoughtPolice: Corrupt the Hate speech laws


…Don’t see that happening some how :stuck_out_tongue: …but if the game were to tackle modern slavery, the example I often read about in the Uk for example being people trafficked in to work in weed farms, that could be interesting. I’ve also briefly skimmed a few headlines about nail bars having something to do with slavery? :confused: …And thinking about it though that’s one thing the game might struggle with(though I hope not :slight_smile: ) staying relevant if it takes too long to release…But thinking a bit more indentured servants might be more likely, kinda like in the mass effect universe.


Gold Star Achiever: You achomplished all the goals you wanted to achieve in your term
They Like Me, They Really Like Me: The people re-elected you for another term
Family Business: One of your kids wants to be president, just like you


Mass Effect is a perfect example and also ancient Rome or maybe the Caldari State from Eve Online. Your country in game would probably have to be borderline or straight fascist and you’d probably have to do some false flag things to convince the populace but it would be an interesting choice to make.


So because we’re all talking about achievements and stuff I figured I would throw my hat in the ring I tried to be as realistic as possible I also threw in a few far out ideas just to spice things up a bit

Peacemaker: make peace between Israel and Palestine

just like 1812: lose a war against Canada

it can’t happen here: become a far-right dictator of the United States

back in the ussa: Become a far-left dictator of the United States

Nuke’em: nuke a country

New friends: befriend and Ally Iran China and Russia

Popular: leave office with a 85% approval rating

Persuasive president: violate the constitution and get away with it

love affair: cheat on your spouse

Pest Control: get rid of a rat in your Administration

Dealmaker successfully negotiate a treaty

Union: form the North American Union

Pax Americana: unite both north and South America

something’s fishy: plan and execute a false flag

pyramid scheme: become leader of the Illuminati

Melting Pot: greatly reduce racial Inequality

A more equal Union: greatly reduced wealth inequality

a more perfect union: transform America into a social democracy

Liberty in Our Lifetime: Transform America into a Libertarian country

a shining city upon a hill: Transform America into a paragon of conservatism

Stronger Together: transform America into a paragon of liberalism


Nudist Colony:
Have a Nudist Whitehouse by the end of term.


We did it!: We united the world by peaceful means, and succeeded


Editor: Help your assistant with a bomb ass game :wink:


The Party: Create A one party state with the illuminit as the party

1984: get all of these achievement and become big brother

Goldstein: get all of these achievement but realize your mistake and create a revolutionary organization agasit it



posting soon


Yes finally our tyranny can begin.


I can’t stress enough to not get too excited, as it is only about 5 minutes long to read. As I said before I am working on the new update still. @DUNGEON_MASTER told me to @ him for any problems, typos or bugs but he can’t fix them today because he needs his rest. Thanks guys.


Achievements suggestion.

My Dynasty starts here: proclaim yourself a king/queen of the nation.

Not Germany: start WW3.

Welcome back: make the philippines a vassal again.

Not me: kill all possible candidate in the next election.


Interesting update, especially were the General decided to pull a giant prank it seems. Anyways, just a quick suggestion regarding stats, maybe give a starting boost to what ever party you are part of? Assuming you are part of the two major parties.
Anyways, the trip will certainly be interesting. Surprise trip to North Korea! Also Canada (because according to Veep it is traditional for US Presidents to go there first. Gotta keep that tradition!) and France, because they are an ally, and can not go to the UK after Canada!


It appears this game won’t take itself too seriously, good call.


tried multiple options and got this in each option.

this is the link i used.

Edit: it would seem all option say at the end prepare for your interview in the buff…


squish squish
Wipes the bug

It’s fixed. :+1:


Even as an Aussie with little understanding of American government (Or the country in general for that matter. What? I don’t go to school to be cultured, damn it.), I must say that I’m thoroughly enjoying this demo. It’s nice to take a look behind the scenes of the role of a governmental figure, dragging them down to a more human and relatable level. I’m really enjoying playing the role of such a down-to-earth politician (if you’re even allowed to say that). :grinning:

Side-note: I desperately hope that your home state won’t influence your character at all. There’s no way I’m gonna be able to educate myself on those, hence why RNGesus blessed me with South Dakota.


I won’t stop until I make it big, meaning the community as a whole sees this and takes this game seriously. I apologise for all the times I’ve been away, and that might influence opinions of this game, but I can’t wait to reach levels of more acclaimed writers on this site and much more respect in general.

That’s exactly what I’m striving for, to see people mention this story outside of this thread on this website, for me to get outside visitors NOT on this site, for this game to be on "My Favorite WIP’s/Most Anticipated WIP’s lists. I do this for fun, but I’m also doing this to validate myself. Without respect, I am nothing, so I work hard every day to earn that respect from you guys. I’m not going to mention authors but works like The Fox of Sunholt, The Wayhaven Chronicles, The War For The West, Vendetta: Rise Of A Gangster, The Wight King, The Shadow Society, and many, many more that people consistently rank as their favorites here… I want that. And I’m not saying this to be selfish, but I want MY works to touch people, to make someone say “Gosh, darn dangit. That was a good story!” That’s what I desire.

With that being said, I’m not taking my position for granted. I’m fortunate to even be where I am right now. But nothing is going to stop my drive until I reach my goal. For people all over to be like “The Oval Office is a pretty good game, it’s on my list”. Dang that would be something to me. I’m proud of my work so far, but without you guys I get nowhere. So many thanks to COG and the community in general. But I have SOOOO much work left. So much more that needs to be done. But I’m climbing that mountain still.

See you at the top :100::100::100: