The Oval Office : New Update! (Half of Chapter 3) July 31st, 2018



“Liquid Gold”…Gain a vast supply of oil

“Southern Fever”…Secure the Southern border

“Crypto-Maniac”…Created a Libertarian paradise


Oh okay, I suddenly come back to like a gazillion people replying at the same time and thought that I missed it, lol.



Yeah, we’re just spit balling our cleverest achievement ideas.


This and the other president of Moravia Game are ripe for breakdowns . So my personal belief is this should be conservatives and liberals

Instead of hate and war and spite.


Oh that was me just stealing a achievement here’s my idea

The War of Anti-1812

lose a war against Canada, I mean, How the -… It’s Canada


Okay I Fine, just Hurry up @DUNGEON_MASTER I dying out here


Will past bills pertaining to popular social issues
Etc. Gay rights


“I did not”…Definetly have sex with more than one person

(Had to make a Bill Clinto achievment sorry)


…cough… i’m totally not Bill Clinton …cough…

Damn it you beat me to it


Southern Rise: Confederates again or name your character David duke

Just No: name your character Adolf Hitler.

I just leave now


Should I point out how apropos it is that one of them is a pig and he stabs the other in the back at the end, and then they have to kill each other.


I’m crap at thinking of achievement names, and am in a really silly mood atm xd, but…
Can’t be worse than the kardashians: end the game by leaving office then you and your family become reality tv stars
we will rule world in name of mother Russia: Be a mostly submissive partner to Russia and take over the world together(alternatively an achievement for having a super close relationship with Russia)
finishing old business: bring democracy to North Korea(or alternativlley an achievement for again being super close with North korea)
achievements telling you which president your leadership style is most similar to
lizard people ftw! Become a puppet of the illuminati and convince everyone lizard people are real(…or again maybe just be a puppet of the illuminati)
virtue signalling: give the appearance you’re a great, compassionate, charitable president whilst not actually being one/being the opposite
the crow: conduct literally all your business on twitter, policy announcements-twitter, responding to other politicians-twitter(and maybe even be crazy and refuse to communicate with people physically and only communicate with people over twitter?)
here we go again: make the country so divided it leads to a second civil war
build the wall!: build a wall along the Mexican border(and make them pay for it? … And make them pay for a 50ft statue of you inside their side of the border?)
Hope some are ok and not too silly xd.


Manifest Destiny: unite the Americas either through force or diplomatic union.
Capital: break the capitalist system
“I’ll keep you in suspense…” : refuse to acknowledge the election results.
MJ12: destroy the illuminati and impose a “new” new world order.
That’s all I got for now :grin:


Achievement: Et tu, Brute? (Get assassinated at State of Union address by own party members or Congress)


What a suprise: Win a rigged election
Be re-elected by using a rigged election.

Should have seen it coming: Be overthrown
Be so unpopular with the public that you are overthrown.


Peach Lover: Kill a Congressman to further your goals
Mediator: Select a VP from a different party


I ain’t afraid of no vote: Ban all other political parties from running.
You have become very the enemy you have sworn to fight!: Become a communist state.
You couldn’t be that bad, right?: Get impeached.
Shady impeachment: You were assassinated.
Rule from the shadows: Become head of the criminal underworld.
A war it is, then: End negotiations with North Korea and declare war.


Let the Tides turn Red: America undergoes a Maoist/Stalin style Communist Revolution

Money Bags: Accept “donation” from a big name Corporations

We are Family…under one rule: Take over the western hemisphere through any means necessary

Very Friendly Peacekeeper: Sleep with an enemy Official to keep the peace (idk.)

Rainbow Boom: Pass at least 3 laws that help to protect the rights of LGBTQ+ Americans

Black Panther: Pass at least 3 laws that help to protect the rights of Black Americans

Girl Power: Pass at least 3 laws that help to protect the rights of Women

Brown Beret: Pass at least 3 laws and help to protect Latinx Americans

Dichotamy: Have your VP be associated with the opposite side on the political spectrum (i.e having a Democrat VP while being a Republican, A republican VP while being a Democrat, having either while being an Independent, etc).

Mommy/Daddy President: Sleeping with anyone while being a single parent?


Where in the world is Carmen Sand- I meant @DUNGEON_MASTER???


World of Tomorrow: Lead the country to a technological renaissance.
“We have always been at war with Eastasia…”: “Alter” the past to change future.
Ignorance is Strength: Create a cult of personality
America incorporated: Allow companies to have unprecedented powers ( like buying cities)
Homefront: Unify Korea ( either pro-north or pro-south)
A more perfect union…: survive or preside over a constitutional convention and change America for better or worst.