The Oval Office : New Update! (Half of Chapter 3) July 31st, 2018



I’m glad he’s back. I can’t wait for the update I’m so excited :grin:


Also very excited this is back! I always wanted to play a game where you are President but actually have to be President (and not say fight an alien invasion) so looking forward to hopefully some fun politicking!



What are your other goals for upcoming 4 years

For the

Add a question mark at the end of the sentence.

Even if you wanted to… You know… she’s already gone…

Change it to:

Even if you wanted to, you know, she’s already gone.

You wait and after some time
Regina stands up straight and salutes you.

You don’t need the bolded sentence as the MC isn’t waiting for anything.

Will be back in… oh, about 5 minutes with your order Sir!”

Put a comma after the bolded word.

She spins sharply of her heel, and sashays towards the kitchen.


Nod . “Yeah. Uh huh.” you say not really paying attention.

Remove the space between the bolded word and full stop.

Pronoun error. The reporter is male.

“A pleasure to see you again, Mr. President.” she replies.


okay feedback

"Omari Moore, a Democratic Senator from Georgia. He’s ambitious, hardy and determined. But that’s what you’d expect from somebody with his past. He was born in a lower class family, practically living in the ghetto his whole life. He rose above all the problems, however, and turned his community to become one of the most respected and polish cities in the State of Georgia. He eventually ran for the Senate and won thanks to his suess

Its polished, not lower case Polish. Also success not success.

Second Perhaps rephrase the choosing of gender because from the context it seems you are choosing the prononuns of the reporter.

Oh and also 35 and military career doesnt really fit as the character would made 4 Star General before being 35. That should mentioned imho if you are not changing and would be Sensation,

  • Yes! We need achievements!
  • NO! This is a story only!

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Should I add achievements to this game? Just wondering.

And in the case of you voting for achievements, other than story related ones, what are some of the craziest, most random achievements that you can think of?


An achievement for your consideration:

“Are you now, or have you ever been?” - Eradicate Socialism in the United States


“Behold, I am become Death…” -Nuke the world into oblivion. Lol


Achievement : Dictat-, I mean President for life


Spyder is replying Yay!

And he’s gone Darn it


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Bloody Hell


“My Tummy’s Full”…Solved world hunger


Wait, has the update been posted already?


Achievement : Well oiled machine. Get the entire neo Nazis white supremacist movement killed in an accidental drone strike leaving only normal sane Republicans in the Republican party.


they aren’t republican, there neo - Nazis, republicans aren’t socialist


A few more potential achievements:

“Dark Horse” - Lead the country into a war for territory, and win it, in your first and only term.

“You didn’t build that” - Seize the means of production.

“Nine, nine, nine” - Slash the Federal income tax.

“I’m not a crook” - As a Republican, resign from office before an impeachment vote.

“Can’t get fooled again” - Take extrajudicial action based on faulty intelligence.


This is witty as hell :smile::smile: from the show Angel, right? Definitely based on Communism for sure.

Very end gamish :roll_eyes::open_mouth::open_mouth: lets hope you don’t unlock this one :rofl:

Dictat-… Oh my bad, I mean PRESIDENT for life :grin::grin:

Damn this is good! Wish this could happen in real life however.

:skull::skull::skull::skull: lmao everything I wanna say u already said :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


Neo Nazis and white supremacists love to become brown from eating the **** out of Trump’s ******* so technically they’re the Trump party but since Trump claims to be Republican they claim to be Republican and thus why I say **** Republicans


Just waiting on @DUNGEON_MASTER’s okay. Soon as he shoots it my way, boom, its done. I’m already writing part 2 of chapter 3, which waiting to be released right now.


Yeah there’s no point not having an achievement for nuking the world if you got nukes. Lol


you know what this may be the wrong thread for this, but I don’t really want to talk about this right now so sorry that I got you so mad