The Oval Office : New Update! (Half of Chapter 3) July 31st, 2018




This is a gender error, either through coding or writing. Jack is indeed a male, and his “counterpart” is Jill :joy::joy::joy: so it’s easy to identify. The problem seems to be in the top of the story paragraph, so I’m sure that can be fixed along with the next update.

Thank you for spotting and bringing it to my attention!


Nice to see this in the recent line up, I’ve been wondering what happened to this wip.


@Spyder glad to see your back man i loved this game i wish you the best


Yay your back! I’m soo excited, I love this WIP!


Really happy that you included the option to be a Libertarian president, glad to see you back


Hey guys. Until @DUNGEON_MASTER gets back, I will continue writing for the new chapter, until he gets to a computer. By then, I should have another scene or two done so it might be another 1-2 days after he gets back for the latest chapter to be released.
I do this only because I feel that releasing half a chapter for you guys would be in bad taste, and I might as well try to finish the chapter. See y’all later!!!


Take your time best to give a full update later.


@DUNGEON_MASTER gets back today!!!


??? What is this supposed to mean?


One more day. I can last I can last

Hold on inner me


Hey guys, I know this might sound like a dumb question but would anyone like to join the official development team for the Oval Office? Submit an application to me, and DG and I will decide on the third person to be involved with this game, in depth. I am looking for someone willing to give ultra blunt criticism (basically) and tell me how u feel this story should go. If you can code well, that’s an even better plus in your favor bc sometimes Krieg isn’t around (very rarely but still).

Not trying to make this application process difficult, but please briefly describe yourself and why you like this game. Then tell me why I should pick you to join the official team of sorts. That’s all! Don’t need anything in MLA format :joy::joy: idk when submitting ends, maybe when I find the perfect person for the role. Thank you guys!


@Spyder, in the scene where we choose our breakfast, I don’t suppose you could add coffee, or tea?


Tea Tea you brit well I oughta

Welcome youto America it very asuprising that you became president when you have to be born in america


So the role would kinda be like a beta tester but someone who can ensure regularity? (sorry bit confused as to how the role differs exactly from someone who just gives regular feedback on this thread apart from the coding part). Either way I’ll point out typos, suggest things I think of when I can :slight_smile: , can’t wait for the new content :slight_smile: . I can code a bit, but only basic stuff :stuck_out_tongue: .



jus saying hi


What about southern ice tea Lipton style?

I’m a soda person myself.


Drinks tea in a cup labeled coffee
Yea we don’t need that British tea round here!
Only coffee for us.


well I commend you for circumnavigating the laws of America now before I arrest you would you be interested in a sausage.

Solders attack me for being German

What is going on I yell


@DUNGEON_MASTER is actually back :grin: he favorited my comment earlier…


This is Now Game Development, This is a Frathouse. I need a drink.