The Oval Office : New Update! (Half of Chapter 3) July 31st, 2018



Lol, did you see the first chapter? I am a big fan of RO’s myself, but there is an option to disable all romantic options. At least I think? If not then just don’t romance anyone :joy:


I’m not against relationships all my characters are lesbians. But being the president that’s too much work. It’s not like we can be The Saints Row 4 President.


…Well why not? :rofl:


Note to self add White House stripper poles.


Don’t forget the hundred or so guns hidden through out and some aa guns on the lawn. Oh and let’s fix world hunger or cure cancer too. But your right the stripper poles are the immediate concern.


Priorities you know . Stripper poles make everything better.


I’ll make my own Presidency! With blackjack! And hookers!


Just try to keep your approval above twenty points


Congratulations to all women for International Women’s Day :grin:. And for Justice, too, one of my favorite writers :smiley:.


“you had me at Stripper poles”

You could make it a betting chart among the cabinet on payout at each polling

yep yep Raises Cup of tea Cheers to you




There is a age bug where you are always 40 in the game and your kids are teenagers


Always? Wow that’s uncommon. @DUNGEON_MASTER can u check this out?


The game ends after the interview so you don’t get a chance to age why can’t you have teenage kids at forty/ the youngest age possible to choose.


@Spyder will there be a chance to amend the Constitution to remove term limit?


Achievement : First step towards monar… Ahem… Better Management of the country.


Good Achievement… :grin:




One mans dictatorship is another mans Comfortable and secure Fortress Palace
Edit: Ignore the evil scientist creating unfeeling loyal super soldiers in the background.


A small delay, as I haven’t been able to be around a computer, but I am currently on schedule for a release soon. Thanks guys for all the clicks and visits to my game!