The Oval Office : New Update! (Half of Chapter 3) July 31st, 2018



Just a last RO poll before the others get in…

  • Brian/Brianna
  • Jack/Jill

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Just to let you guys know, there will be a RO scene for every possible one. I just happened to fit Jack/Jill’s scene into the storyline. Rest assured, there will be plenty of romance in the later chapters. I’m thinking about a sneak peek of a the next chapter, not in its coding form, but good enough. Will post a poll.

  • A sneak peek! Yay!
  • No you dummy, its a surprise for a reason!

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Wow, guess everyone loves the Secret Service officer- despite only one appearance!! Poor Jack/Jill :sweat_smile:


bites nails nervously
Dang guys. It was 8 votes a couple of hours ago, and it was tied, 4 apiece. Now it’s 18 votes and it’s still tied, 9 apiece :joy::joy:. The poll will end today, so hurry up and cast your opinion!


I’m not going to change my political views, but can I have a hug anyway?


Not really romantically interested in anyone. Being the president is a lot of work.


Lioli… I love this coutnry! It´s a cool country! Now i have the chance to answer the Cpl. Ray question that he did during the invasion of Iraq:

“Cpl. Ray Person: Look at this shit, how come we can’t ever invade a cool country, like chicks in bikinis, you know, how come counties like that don’t ever need Marines, I’ll tell you why, it’s lack of pussy that fucks countries up, lack of pussy is the root fucking cause of all global instability, if more hajis were getting quality pussy, there’d be no reason for us to come over and fuck em up like this, cause a nutbusting haji, is a happy haji”

Two things, Ray needs to know Lioli and the Marines need to pay a visit to it! hahaha :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hey guys! I started development of my other planned game, GANGSTAR, and here’s a link to it!

Like the game, and comment on ideas or possibilities you wanna see in it!


Amazing news, this options will add a lot to the game i think. So because of it, I say this game will be a great one, the last time I saw a game with an immersive background like this was when I played sabers of inifity and guns of infinity last year, I’m happy to see that in the future we will have another game with quite depth too in your universe in the library of hotesd games too :grin:


Hey @DUNGEON_MASTER! Can you make a section for the biographies of all the major characters? I will send them to you.


Sooo… With 62% of the total vote (and despite only one appearance :sweat_smile:) The Secret Service leader has garnered over half the vote! Time will tell if this is temporary or will last, even once the other RO’s come into play.


Just narrowly beating out a sneak peek, keeping it a surprise has won with just over half the vote!


I see we are a very split community in the polls on favoring between those two, and on suprise or no suprise. What we can all agree on is we like the game, and a giant spider that can work a computer isn’t a bad thing.


@Spyder Just checked out the game, and wow. From the excellent comical writing, to the real life references, to the surprisingly good political choices, to the hot reporter, this piece is one I will be following to it’s deserving end. Seriously. I believe you have something here, and that you should craft this thing into exactly what you see it. Because, from what I’ve just seen, your vision is a great one blooming with potential, mah guy. Cheers.


…I personally think it should stay 35. Little unrealistic? Sure, but I enjoyed the fantasy of being a super young president that has the mind of a comedic anti-hero, in a way.


Thank you! You have no idea how much this means to me! A very detailed review, and I must say, hit on all of my strengths :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. Thank you for following the story! I should have a new update out in less than two weeks.


Yay! That’s awesome news @Spyder, I can’t wait.:smile:


I decided to re-open the poll for Jack/Jill vs Brian/Brianna until the next chapter comes out. Go and vote!


Is there a “Relationships? Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Option?


I should be able to either finish the chapter or release it during Spring Break, which like I said, is a little over two weeks away. Definitely will have it ready by then. That week, I plan to work on my other story, GANGSTAR and have a chapter one out for that story by the end of that week. After that? A much needed break.