The Oval Office : New Update! (Half of Chapter 3) July 31st, 2018



Infinite feedback loop causing a massive headache unless you put mind shielding into play.

Ahahaha aircraft ban… the us will have to go a lot further south for that to be a possibility in anything other than a game.

But seriously gun ban, drone ban or gambling ban would be a more feasible bet.


So her “boyfriend” decided to first of all not bother to buy her anything for Valentine’s, not even flowers or a card… nobody got her anything actually. And then compounded things by allowing AND LIKING another girl dancing on him at a Valentine’s day party. (a mutual friend caught it on his snapchat) Needless to say, she was pissed and he couldn’t seem to figure out what he did wrong :roll_eyes:

So I’m not superman or anything, but immediately upon hearing this, I rushed out to the store and bought her some chocolate, a card telling her to keep her head up, and a teddy bear.

I CANNOT MAKE THIS UP, as soon as I gave it to her she gave me a hug and said “Damn, Justice, you’re more amazing than I thought…” and instead of saying something like “Heh… you think this is amazing, I guess I’ll blow your mind :smirk:” all I managed was “Oh yeah? uhm…”

Its okay tho, cause I got the girl of my dreams… I’m just lucky to be in her world.


Things I’m changing/planning to change to chapter 1:

*Change the mechanic for naming the MC (too unrealistic for the people/press to not know your name)
*Increase the minimum age from 35 to 40 (too confusing in the storyline, in addition to it being more realistic)
*Make an option to skip character customization (in the future of course)
*Reduce the number of kids to one girl and boy (due to the same dialogue with the same gender)
*Add the option for a pet during chapter 1
*Add stress levels (something guaranteed to come with the job as President)
*Add childhood backstories to Chapter 1

See yall soon.


But can we still be the first nudist president?


most presidents are in their 40s to 60s and often not very healthy
nudist president…Shudders


I chose 35, purple hair, green eyes, lesbian, mom president. And if I get backgrounds in the update I’ll choose the most risky/ controversial ones so long as they’re controversial in a liberal way.


Be a nudist that wears only a Left Neon pink sock and narrates her life.
Be Pro Cloning and Pro A.I. Rights. Eat Tofu Flavored Meat And Say The Bread industry is Evil
Claim Conservatives are just librals that need a hug.


Is that an option? Because that sounds amazing!


If only, sighs im not sure if @Spyder would go for it or not.


I might have to write that as the protagonist of a story.


Shoot the moon. let me know how it turns out im curios.




Good concept, but perhaps it should be rooted more in reality, like the United Airlines fiasco, where policy could be made for transportation industries, and others to be forced to be more responsive to their customers, or for the industries to be able to disregard them, and for lawsuits to be capped and other pro business ideas.


Wouldn’t it be best to have historical and ahistorical options, in which we can either ply with the countries as the world as we know them, or have either a bunch of separatist movements work historically, or for a lot of countries to unite.

And these modes can have pros and cons.

Many countries:
Pros: USA has a lot more power (assuming the states don’t secede), and can play them off each other so to those countries having conflicts between each other. State Department doesn’t have as many big crises.

Cons: USA has to juggle a lot of conflicting interests and alliances between those many countries. US State Department has to have an even bigger headache dealing with all this.

Less countries:
Pros: Countries are more effective and united, and goals are simple and non-contradictory, and winning then over means a greater net gain of power. State Department has much fewer messes to clean up,

Cons: US bargaining power reduced due to these being more powerful countries. USA can more easily find itself isolated by countries uniting with common goals. Any international issue is multiplied exponentially by the countries having much larger importance.


Asking as someone who doesn’t live in the US and doesn’t know anything about US politics; what state, if any, should one select, and how’d that affect things?


The state choice is a cosmetic choice as they don’t affect game mechanics.

( PS : They could in future but not now )


Damn, I feel SOOOO GOODD about this next chapter… I was writing it earlier this evening and I just started squealing :sweat_smile: it’s just SOOOO good so far and I hope yall will feel the same way soon! Lmaooo


Also… I saw my game recently mentioned in a Top WIP’s list… You have no idea how happy that makes me :heart_eyes:
Honestly, I have so many people to thank here… I just care about each and every one of you and I deeply appreciate everything, from bug reports, to suggestions, to reviews of the latest chapter, to well wishes, to being just plain awesome :joy:. Thank you all.


Thank you @DUNGEON_MASTER. You never left me, helped me out in more ways than just coding a chapter :sweat_smile: was there for me and defended me when I was suspended, and no matter how late I get a chapter to you, you made sure to have it ready to play within 3 days :joy::joy:. You were like my shadow and right hand man when I wasn’t around, talked with the community and you are just an amazing person from head to toe. Thank you for everything bro. Honestly, there is none like you! Much love!

P.S: If you guys care about @DUNGEON_MASTER in any way… From his interaction with the community, to getting this game off the ground to organizing polls and opinions and helping out with bugs… LIKE THIS GODDAMN POST OKAY


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