The Oval Office : New Update! (Half of Chapter 3) July 31st, 2018



As a joke you should just Add a Vice president option of Sheev Palpatine


Good so far, but my kids call me ‘S.’ Besides being their father and the President, I am a grown-ass man. :confused:

Incidentally, can backgrounds unlock different title options?


hey spyder I read that you need help writing this amazing game, so if you want I could help. and only favor from you would to mention me at the end at the very least.


Do not worry, mistakes and time constraints is something that anyone who is developing something gets in their way, in games is no exception.
Titles like Lords of Aswick, The Great Tournament, Guns of Infinity, Zombie Exodus Safe Heaven and many others took a long time to complete, and improved over time. For example the successor of Swamp Castle that is The Great Tournament surpassed its previous one in several aspects, the same we can say of Zombie Exodus and his sequel called Safe Heaven. But for this to happen it took a long time, and in the end I think it was worth all the waiting and time spent on them to have been ready.
The sequence of Guns of Infinity did not begin until now, but this one that was sequence of Sabers of Infinity took two years to be released if I am not mistaken.
There is a lot of potential in your premise, and despite the mistakes pointed out in the demo, I still think that i have enjoyed so much of the demo as a sample, there are errors ?, yes, but that is what serves a demo. I like your writing and I say that, good authors are not born, they achieve this level, and i think you will become one of these, you write because you like and it is the begin of every writer.
I would offer my help in programming or writing, but I believe that I would be more of a hindrance than it would be, because English is not my native language and also because I have not programmed anything in a long time :pensive:
but I leave here the thanks for caring about your readers and also wish you good luck in everything that comes ahead. :smiley: :+1:




I was… Around. :grin:


Well, I’m glad you’re ok buddy :smile:


Wow over 6000 playthroughs??? Damn that’s a big number


Can’t wait for chapter three! I’m honestly liking the game and the personality it has (Not just the characters). Good job Justice, you really have a promising project here! :smile:

P.S: That’s a lot of playthroughs… :open_mouth:


Can’t wait for the jokes when that number reaches 9k.


I am really impressed about the number of character customization this game has. I also found it quite humorous at points.


Bug, when choosing to have a kid.

“Dad! You’re back!” Your offspring comes barreling down the stairs, a wild bunch of energy. You get tackled by your kid [,]
You smile and ruffle his hair.

The text is missing my kid’s name.

Also, the bracketed comma should be a full stop.

Your teenaged son Daniel taps you on the shoulder.
“So[, ,]” he begins.

The bolded text should be: teenage

The bracketed section is missing my character’s name.

He wears a tee shirt that reads,


His hair is cut short, a neat little fade.


“Honey,” (blank) says.

The text is missing my wife’s name.


Hello I was just wondering the progress on chapter 3 and the next update


Hi Jake, welcome to the forum :slight_smile: Just a quick note: as a general rule we prefer to advise against asking for updates. It can get rather spammy and often puts a surprising amount of pressure on often hobbyist authors. When there is an update to be had, rest assured they will let you know :slight_smile:


I agree with everything else you’ve said, but ’ tee shirt’ is a legitimate spelling of ‘t-shirt.’


Ya, these are ones I noticed but never got around to letting @DUNGEON_MASTER about. They will be fixed by the next update hopefully.

Once again, a very buggy text that I should have fixed by now. Sorry.

I’m pretty sure its called a “fade”… I mean, that’s what my barber told me when I got my hair cut :thinking:

Again, those pesky end-of-chapter-one bugs. Dammitttt


Yea the haircut is a fade cut but the wording used seemed like it could have been fade cut or a passing fad (trend)


My VP just called me ‘Mr Grumpy Pants.’ I don’t know if anyone would say that to their boss’ face.

Out of curiosity, is Regina an RO? She’s rather likable.


I don’t know… Do y’all want her as a RO? I won’t put up a poll but whoever likes this post wants her as one, and I can see what I can do…


Thank you :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: where are superheroes when you need them? I’ll tell you- the moderators at the forum for Choice Of Games.