The Oval Office : New Update! (Half of Chapter 3) July 31st, 2018



OK, just to clear up a lot of confusion, I’m counting the prologue as a chapter. So that mean that Chapter 3 is the next one up, not Chapter 2


@DUNGEON_MASTER :sweat_smile:

I don’t think so… I didn’t plan to implement it right now anyways, like you said that would be a part of the epilogue (the world 15 years after you leave office, how people view you at your funeral (I don’t even know about that one) and other people involved in your story)


35 Year old president now 58 max: Did our healthcare can that fast after my presidency? This is Horrible…
45 year old President now 68 Max: Slightly concerned…
55 year old President now 78 Max: hmm My Neighbor still jogs and hes 75 Coughs ok i might be old…
65 year old president now 88 Max: I lived a good life.



Ok so i just noticed a Potential Mathematics error @Spyder

In this Turn of events assuming you joined the military at exactly 19 on your birthday, at the last day of the gulf war in 91’ were looking at you turning 44 in 2016. in this particular instance i chose a 35 year old president. this story does not change based on your age so im guessing it only fits for a 45 year old president.
If your looking for suitible replacement for 35 i recommend the Yemin Insurgency
for 55 try Lebenon, 65 Veitnam. Just thought id give a little help if you were looking for replacements.

Edited with replacements for it


So assuming you are a single president are you able to have romantic relationships with multiple characters, and are you writing special endings for the game if you end up marrying your VP, Security Chief or the reporter?


If you chose to be a single president, of course you can date anyone you want without penalty. I plan to make every major character an RO so there will be plenty of relationships. (7+ characters you can date/marry)

Though once you are with your selected RO, you might wanna not cheat on them :sweat_smile: unless you’re angling for a scandal. (This works both ways- of course you can be affected but the RO you are currently dating can be affected too… perfect for ruining someones political career! :wink:)

Also certain RO’s offer benefits to you or your political career (Such as more publicity (good or bad, or promises to support your dictator bill in congress :joy:)

Pay attention to headlines on Twitter/the news… it can give early warnings of whether or not someone spied you cheating on your spouse/RO with someone else.

And there will be separate epilogues/endings based on every RO :smile:


Don’t take away my right to be free!

To my brothers, let us rebel! For they may take our lives, but they will never take… OUR FREEEEEEEDOOOOOOM!!!


Add in a comparison to presidential candidates as well, and you got a deal.

After all, how are we Green Party brudahs supposed to compare our wey?


Could we not engage in polyamory? Like, that would be #Goals.

Also, how hilarious would it be for the naked option to hug the reporter, have her put her hand on your leg totally normal, then finishing the interview, hugging again, kissing, and that’s when the camera man decides to grab his phone?


The game will be 250k-300k words? Awesome! You made my day with this :smile:
It’s early to ask this, but it will be a a sequel?
I say this because it would have been amazing if I had, I loved the demonstration and I think I really will like the game too, and if there is one thing I love is games that I liked to have sequenced. :smiley:
In this issue despite being very early still, I already leave some suggestions on the subject. If there is a sequel it would be cool to have a second term as president in a book two, something like that, if there was a third book it would be cool to live the life of the former president in the country he helped change, do you understand me? because he was once again a normal citizen, let’s say, despite being a former president with privileges because of this I think, would we retire in this, work in our profession, deal with problems, or support another candidate in the campaign? the theme of the third book would be to live in the country after our politics and see the long-term outcome. For me the most attractive idea is that of book two since it is less complicated, but I had those thoughts and I thought it was cool to share with you.
good luck and work, I’m really looking forward to this game. :wink:
and thanks for being on the way to adding another wonderful game in the community library :smile:


Lol i just thought about something.
The greatest honor I could receive is FANARTTTT
but how you might ask?
I really don’t know… I just know I really want some


I decided to make one, after all is fun and is a great way to show my appreciation for this game and for your work as a writer.
A question you like most about painting or drawing? I think it’s going to take a while to get ready (i need think about what it’s be a good theme and find inspiration too :sweat_smile:), but I’d like to hear your opinion :smile:
I never make a fan art, but it looks pretty fun haha
I already see lots of it in steam too
I hope I can do something cool :smiley:
When i finish you would like me to post or send via PM?


Omg. Wow. Thank you so much!

Right now the only characters who have defined characteristics are the VP’s, Brian/Brianna and Jack/Jill so you can start there xD. However a lot of upcoming characters in the next chapter (potential RO’s) are also gonna have set traits that can be drawn.

I just want to say thank you so much! I wanna honor you in some way now xDD

Also I’m sure a drawing will be easier as well as quicker, but as you are the artist, it is up to you.

Lol and you can post here. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCHHH!!


I just finished them, the first was painted, I tried not smudge anything and correct any mistakes, but something may have passed. one with the president that I imagined based on my choices in the oval office, which is the name of the game too, which was what gave me inspiration for the environment.
One of the things I have to thank for is that I really liked how you gave us the option of modeling our character, the president, with our choices at the beginning, and also by having the options regarding family, profession and other aspects (could be a dog here too? It’s will be awesome option), a very well built start, and that’s one reason I really say I enjoyed the demonstration.
Having the well-constructed custom of the demo that inspired me to choose to do these one about the president too.
The second is shaded, I tried to make objects with realistic scales, but maybe something went unnoticed. :sweat_smile:
I was thinking of doing about Brian, but thinking about the character and the scene he is involved in is the arrival of the limousine in the white house and the reception of more press, this gave me other ideas, this scene counts with the presence of both Brian as of jill, but it would need many details and is something that I like a lot, I decided to make it shaded instead of colored this time to contrast with the other, it also reminds me of old photos which is something that always fascinated me much like photos of Roosevelt during World War II in newspapers.
Faces are not something that I am good at drawing unfortunately, so I decided to give a bigger focus to the scenery itself, which is something I really like in games.
Hope you like. From a fan of your fan base to you, to the game and to the fan base too :grin:
Sorry for so much edits, my smartphone corrector is a rebel scum :joy:






Thank you soooooo much @J_97!! That really means a lot to me!!
And no worries I absolutely love them. And two different styles too! Thanks soo much!


Chapter 3 is really getting done… About 40-50 percent completed. Thanks for the character biographies guys! I am in the middle of creation of the characters and am deciding which ones will be potential RO’s/romances and also am working on the long awaited “World Tour” where you meet other leaders and discuss your plans.

Also the option to begin the process of taking over the U.S starts in the next chapter. Just a lil hint tho- you need a lot of luck and help from either foreign countries or big, mysterious, shady “organizations” or “guilds” or “non-profits” :joy::joy:


I’m glad you have enjoyed the drawings :smiley:
And I’d like to say that the way you’re doing your game, you really deserve to be called a choice of games writer, because you really give us a good story to explore with choices and paths, so thank you so much and so I say that I am your fan and you is in my list of favorite writers. :grin:


This is what stood out in your paragraph I saw this phrase before I even began reading…
Says something about the conquerer in me.

@J_97 many likes on your pics the second gives me a video game sin city noir feel.