The Oval Office : New Update! (Half of Chapter 3) July 31st, 2018



lol here I go
You were just a teenager, doing as best as you possibly could in one of Los Angeles’s ghetto slums, when one fateful day, your life changed forever.

You came home from the bus stop to the sound of gunshots, and one of your family members slumped on the ground in a pool of blood. You swore revenge, and you joined a neighborhood gang (I don’t know if its better if you make one yourself, it’ll be harder) to do so. The question is, did they die in vain? Or did it set off a giant chain that could change Los Angeles forever?

Live your life as a gang member, informant to the police or double agent (holy crap) to bring both factions down
Be an “honest” crook or go on murderous rampages?
Will you be behind the scenes like a big boss or front page news like a fearless badass?
Build relationships, or deceive and use everyone you meet (meaning potential RO’s)
Find out who killed the family member and why
Take over Los Angeles(!?!?)

Like I said, its an idea and its in a VERY early stage (aka, not really planned out or any outlines present). The question is, is it good enough to be considered a game to be submitted?

P.S: For those who say that there is already a gangster game (Life of a Mobster) its in the name. This is more gritty, dirty, and more loose than an organized mafia. Also this game is centered around revenge and similar elements. But if you think it sounds too similar, let me know your thoughts.

P.P.S: I’m also not sure on the location of the game being in Los Angeles… it sounds too upscale :sweat_smile:
Other possibilities for the city include Chicago (my favorite :joy: aside from being my hometown :grin:), New York City, Atlanta, San Francisco, Philadelphia or Detroit. Let me know which ones yall would rather see!!

I’ll see ya’ll later!

Feedback is VERY MUCH appreciated!!


Sounds great :slight_smile: . And LA too upscale? But it’s the home of Compton homie :stuck_out_tongue: . And although you don’t want to go down the mafia route, it was the home of famous mobsters like Mickey Coen, so as good a location as any, especially if you want to make a gangsta game, rather than a gangster game :stuck_out_tongue: .


Sounds good and I like the idea of a grittier crime game as well. I know you said you’re still early in development but a few questions if I may:

  • Do you plan on having the person that killed you’re family always the same person or will it change based on certain decisions?
  • Is this over a long period of time like Life of a Mobster or do you plan something shorter like that assassin choice of game ( can’t remember the name)?
  • Is it just a gang centered in LA or will you be able to expand be a much bigger group?





I know you have many responsibilities as President, but everyone needs some me time.
shouldent it be personal time


i like the story so far


@DUNGEON_MASTER I don’t know if this is my mistake or yours… could you fix it? Thanks.


@DUNGEON_MASTER :sweat_smile:


Hey. Any text/grammar inconsistencies or issues just tag @DUNGEON_MASTER because he codes for me.

Lol, Krieg could you delete OHMYGAWDMYDREAMISFINALLYCOMPLETE from the story? :sweat_smile:


It’s the new presidential plan make them think your only gonna be around for 2 years then, BAM! 2 more
They’ll never see it coming.


plus if you screw it up you can always blame the lack of time :rofl:


When I read Gangstar, I got so hyped that we’d be getting EAZY-E The Game!

DAMN. :frowning_face:

(Also, do it in the City of Compton, get it back to the roots!)

Please give us the option of setting up our own record company as a retirement option, with achievements for naming it Ruthless, Death Row or Aftermath; and for our different acts and the like.


The age mechanic (if it is a mechanic, since it seems to work the same for everything) should definitely apply to stress and gray hair.

Same with career choices (which don’t really conform to the age thing).

Alos, how about a social change statistic? Instead of ridiculous things like nude interviews, go with more of realistic things, like joining certain protests, or making political memes, writing a book, and the metric keeps track of how much you’ve changed the role of the President, society, and the different organizations you work with (or against).


Something President Trump will inevitably say upon losing the 2020 election to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson :rofl:

or Oprah :joy:


Lmaooo the nude interview was a complete joke. It was never meant to remain permanently :joy:

And you can even ask Dungeon Master, I talked to him about a social/media/political stat that keeps track of what you’ve done to change things in the U.S. It was to be implemented in the very next update. Thank ya for the suggestion.


I can confirm that I have begun work on the 3rd chapter :sweat_smile:
sorry for all the delays people :joy:


Also kinda old (almost at the 1 year anniversary :sweat_smile:) but this is a good idea… at least I think.

Would you guys like a feature like this? It would take quite a bit of work on my part (research, profiling) but the pay-off would be huge, as it would add a lot of realism to the game.


I’m open to the idea of a historical comparison, but I’d prefer to have that wait until after the game itself is finished. It shouldn’t be too difficult to alter stats afterwards, right?