The Oval Office : New Update! (Half of Chapter 3) July 31st, 2018



It should operate like “B613” from “Scandal” TV show.
No one knows they are there but are secretly manipulating world events. Best part is they don’t report to anyone in Executive Branch.


It wouldn’t give proper results if people can choose multiple options tbh…

Puppeteering world leaders and They have ties with leader of ISIS so if the MC doesn’t comply they’ll do an assassination attempt which will/can fail and ISIS will take credit…



I am trying to be the Green Party and environmentalist President… Lol
So perhaps i can cut relation-ties with those countries who support Whale / Shark Hunting ? Can i officially provide funding to the “Green Peace” around the world ? Or perhaps i can shut down all Nuclear Power plants? Lol…

I believe i will be the number one enemy of illuminati with my actions… hmmm i am planning to create an Utopia State as well, it all going against the Illuminati right? but hey , when i saw the Green Party is an option… i am intriguing about it already :wink:


@Spyder is there any “Cuban Missile Crisis” event that was going to happen later, regardless of your policies?

  • World domination through world leaders - Puppet masters
  • Crazy reason
  • Vigilante Group ( Anonymous-esque )
  • ISIS-esque

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Damn crazy reason isn’t number one :’( , I’d so like to see a crazy group, like a group who I don’t know…rob banks to buy all the carrots in the world to offer to their lizard God? Well that was the first thing I thought of anyhoo :stuck_out_tongue: .


its not the true illusionati if its not world domination


That would ruin the serious atmosphere of the game, though.


Would be cool if they where kind of a grey area bad guys group or had different factions. Or you can go with the whole illuminati is order thing and they impose order in the world. Or you can go the Mr robot route and just have it lead by one ridiculously OP person that only wants one thing. My question is how in the heck are we going to be able to combat them realistically? The backgrounds I’ve played threw so far could easily be used to imply they built you up in the first place.


i’m wondering, because that our spouse supposedly know the password for the Nuclear missile, what if he/she is working for the Illuminati? and since that they now have the code for the US nuclear arsenal, what would they do ?


Really? I thought the password bit was for the nuclear bunker or was it both?


The president is the only individual that can know the United States’ codes to the nuclear arsenal they have, even the general or the vice president doesn’t know the codes themselves. However I am sure what you’re talking about is referring to the nuclear bunker itself which would defend the president and the First Family in case of a nuclear attack on the US.


Great game you have here, been lurking for a while. Just curious about something. Sorry if someone mentioned this before. If you guys ever do impliment a child kidnapping plot, will it be possible for your kid(s) to die tragically? Like you almost saved them but they die in front of you. The idea of how that would affect the player could be so interesting. Anyways, hope to see some more action with the vice pres.


Depends on the reason. In Mr robot, it’s kind of implied that the goal of the villain isn’t world domination ( although they pretty much control everything) but creating a time machine. Just goes to show that when you’re extremely wealthy and influential you can do almost anything you want no matter how upsurd.


You’re right in the sense that what is ‘silly’ varies from case to case, depending on the user’s intentions. A time machine could be used to rewrite history, but it’d be much less of a threat if it was pursued For Science.

The key is intent. If the Illuminati destroy banana farms as part of a broader plan to ensure famine or damage an economy or use a bioweapon, that’s one thing. But if the Illuminati’s end goals are purely lolrandom (e.g. destroy banana farms because yellow is ugly), why should the President care?


True. I was just saying it’s silly in that case because they’re going through really costly ( in terms of human lives and finacial) means to do something that’s barely plausible because of one person’s greed even though dark army itself is pretty much the illuminati.



I wish all of you an awesome year filled with peace, happiness, love and total bliss. 2018 here we come!!

Planned updates this year:

  • At least 4 updates (new chapters) this year (excluding the last one I put out) with a planned submission to Hosted Games sometime within 2019… I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but this game could possibly be fully released sometime in late 2019/early 2020 (lmaooo the next presidential elections for the U.S :joy::joy:)
  • A completed storyline
  • Fleshed out romantic interests/paths
  • Children/Kid options should work seamlessly
  • Illuminati will be present in the next chapter
  • Laws will be in effect next chapter
  • The president can go on dates in the next chapter
  • More interaction with Congress in the future
  • Wars will be in effect chapters 3 or 4
  • Grey hair will be attained
  • Stress levels will be active :joy::joy: (you can die from this!!)
  • Childhood back stories
  • Assassination attempts will be in effect
  • Chapter 3 and beyond will feature “Game Over” scenarios (like dying, mainly :sweat_smile:)
  • The world blows up (maybeeeee)

Anyways as always, be happy in 2018!! Much love everyone!

P.S: I have a gangster/crime lord game idea… Is it ok if I share it with you guys??


Please don’t let the stress level thing be like Hollywood Visionary. IMO it was really irritating and kind of took away from the game though it had other issues.


This sounds promising. And if you have an idea for another game, I think you should start the draft when you so desire, without bothering with an interest check. (Wouldn’t mind hearing about the idea though)


It’s looking great @Spyder let me give give some advice tho don’t stretch urself too thin working on a lot of projects