The Oval Office : New Update! (Half of Chapter 3) July 31st, 2018



Other names? Insert article “the” as you see fit

  • World of New Order
  • World with No Boundaries
  • 8149
  • Revelation
  • Big Brother

Other than that, sometimes the easiest way to name a sneaky, evil, sketchy organization is by looking at what their role on the story.


The Foundation or The Founders
Knights Templar
The Bohemian Club
Various other real life groups( Trilateral commission, bilderburg group, CFR)
I personally like the the bohemian club but you could also just leave the organization nameless and just say the group went by names such as the illuminati and others.


I would suggest something like “The Inner Party”.


Founding fathers of America…

Ahem. References aside. I like The Founders.


Could even even have there motives be to carry out the will of the founding fathers or maintain the power of the union by any means necessary. Also another suggestion for a name is to go the star trek route with section 31 and have it named after a part of the constitution or other laws that might be kind of sketchy like article 51.


Will you be able to select the level of protection that your children/wife/husband will have?
non-existent(here, your children/wife/husband do not want protection,for different reasons)
almost nonexistent(one or two agents to accompany them only in certain locations and for a limited time)
normal(24/7 protection in every location they visit plus a car to drive them everywhere.The maximum of agents 5.)
strict(24/7 protection in every location they visit plus two cars to drive them everywhere.Maximum 10 agents, 3 of them with assault weapons,4 agents will provide a perimeter around the person no more than 3 meters.)
extreme (the army will form an official column in every place they go in)


illuminati= Bill Cipher


The founding thing is pretty common in organisations names .
You could name the group by what they’re doing or trying to do in the story .


Im going with O.W.C.A


Will there be a way to amend the Constitution and run for third term?


How about the Patriots- wait, already taken. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“I hear its amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hari Kiri Rock. I need scissors! 61!”


Order of Nations(20 characters)


Will our decision’s affect the midterms?


Please, no Gravity Falls references in the group names. I’m begging. @moonwalkerdragon


Chivalrous Gentleman’s Association


The Chivalrous Gentleman’s Association already exists. We spend our meetings practicing synchronized fedora-tipping and rhythmically chanting ‘M’lady.’ :wink:

Naming the organization after an existing group could be iffy for legal reasons. @lgeass88

What about ‘The Kennedy Club’, devoted to perpetuating the good-old-boy politics exemplified by JFK? Or the ‘Cabot Lodge,’ because politics puns?


Because i hvae been playing to much xcom


Heyo. I’m back for a while.
@DUNGEON_MASTER you can close the poll, cause ILLUMINATI has won with 48% of the total vote.
With that in mind, time for ANOTHER POLL
What should the main goals of Illuminati be?

World domination via puppet masters of world leaders, some crazy reason (ie. We need more pigs, stop the banana farms, kill all the seagulls), kind of good/vigilante group (ie. Anonymous) or downright bad (like ISIS only infiltrated into America)

Idk when the poll should end, probably within 3 or 4 days… Like I said before, due to events that happened at school I really have no clue as to when I can write which throws out an early January release of a new chapter… I am 75% sure that it still will be released sometime in January. It will DEFINITELY be released by Valentine’s day, no doubt cause I can write upon returning to school.

Thank you guys for the 5400 clicks! I am without words!!


Can people only choose one option or more than one


Only one for now. I already kinda have an idea of how Illuminati will operate but I’m still open to other’s suggestions and ideas