The Oval Office : New Update! (Half of Chapter 3) July 31st, 2018



Don’t forget to name him Perry


ooh. i loved perry the platypus. Best character of phineas and ferb.


So Which country are we gonna conquer today ?


Ideally, all of them. Or, at the very least, somewhere with nice weather and luxury suites.

Going back to the topic, I quite like the amount of characterization here. My MC is a Muslim Republican from Alabama. Heh.

Interested to see how this piece will be adapted to the Age of Trump (the military background lists our past through the Obama administration, but nothing further).


Sorry guys :disappointed_relieved:
Today i got in trouble at school and will NOT be writing the Oval Office for the foreseeable future.

Yesterday, two kids in my english class were “roasting” each other (basically making fun of each other) in the class. One dude called the taller one a camel and the taller dude called the other a “dirty sheet”

I stepped in (my big fat mouth) and said “Its people like ya’ll that make kids want to shoot up the school… F*cking bullies…”

Needless to say, I came into school today, was stopped and given special attention… I narrowly avoided being arrested today based on conflicting stories of witnesses… Like I said due to these events I cannot be on to write, let alone check for suggestions or updates. I am suspended for the maximum amount allowed (two weeks) and am currently being referred to a psychiatrist :sweat:

I f*cking hate bullies man


We are a united community so we will always support you no matter what happens. You have no reason to be angry, we will go over all the hardships together


Hope all goes well :slight_smile: , I’m sorry to hear about this. It’s hard to believe how different the US education system is, I’m in the UK and can’t even imagine a school reacting like that.


I’m sorry to hear that, @Spyder–I always thought you were an exceptionally promising author. I hope life improves soon, as best it can.


Well u see a general has to be retired for a certain number of years b4 the can run for president or even be appointed Secretary of Defense (there was a lot of fuss about Mattis)
@Spyder I feel your pain man my school’s the same way. Got threatened with suspension once for having a box of shotgun shells in my truck (which ironically was for my school’s FFA skeet shooting team)


The thing with US school’s is that shootings r so common they have to take all threats seriously. Plus the UK doesn’t have as easy access to firearms and while I realize knife threats r a thing across the pond but it’s easier to subdue a knife weilder.


…wait you got this for saying - this

Its people like ya’ll that make kids want to shoot up the school… F*cking bullies…



Ok. I’m not officially back but I am using a computer at the library, so really, really temporary
Idk if you guys want Illuminati to stay as the Illuminati or should be another more creative name… It’s really up to you guys
@DUNGEON_MASTER can you put up a poll with the options of “Illuminati” or “Other - post in comments below”… it will end 3 days from tomorrow so there will be plenty of time to vote. The option with the most votes/likes goes head to head with “Illuminati” for the winner.

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Please mention if you choose other


The Trade Union Order


:joy: nice one :+1:

I am gonna remove the trade bit otherwise it’s good.

Edit : The Union Order sounds… Like a adult club.


Name for a secret organization…?

  • Voter Registration


The Ennead, Great Ennead or The order of Nine.


I would suggest - Clockwork


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