The Oval Office : New Update! (Half of Chapter 3) July 31st, 2018



Web of lies?

(20 characters be crampin’ my style! :angry:)


Gets impeached for 5 minutes, comes back with higher approval rating than before.


The US is the world. (At the very least the drunk, violent, and angry version of it which clearly has a racial relations problem that it refuses to accept.)


So that older Relative that almost everyone has.


It’s sad, but it’s way too true :pensive:


The ethnic choices in this game are kind of confusing… You have so many choices amd differentiate between Latino and Hispanic but “Middle Eastern” and “Asian” are both homogeneous groups… And there isn’t even an option to choose more than one. Like, if it weren’t for differentiating Hispanic and Latin it’d make some sense as a “this is how people see you” type thing, like how everyone says Barack Obama is black, but that’ doesn’t seem to be the case. Are Slavs Caucasian or Asian? Are Indonesians Indian, Asian, or Pacific Islander?


I was on the old list and thought I still had my spot so I didn’t respond. Then I haven’t been on the Forums since Thursday so I missed this post. So would it be possible for me to still secure a place as the Director of the FBI?


I appreciate your input. I will add that to the game to pick up to 2 different races. As far as determining what your ethnicity is, you really just need to pick the race, not where the ethicity group came from. Like for example Slavs come from both European and Asian countries, but in this game where the race came from doesn’t matter, as you are the President of the United States, where you have to be born there to be elected.

Also, as far as I know, everyone thinks Barack Obama is black, the only real controversy was whether or not he was born in Hawaii (a state) or somewhere else (Kenya). Maybe this is what you are talking about?


You can, as long as anyone else doesn’t claim it. If a position/character of a person is claimed by more than person, then it will be determined by who claimed it first. In about 2-3 hours, I will post the list of spots (all are available and perhaps add some more, either myself or with suggestions.) So be by an electronic device soon, cause first come, first serve!


Another milestone!
The Oval Office has reached 5000 playthroughs! Thank you so much everyone for all of your help getting to this point, and for future efforts to get this story published! I’m happier than beyond words! THANK YOU! :joy: :heart_eyes:


Can I be an old college friend that now works with Putin (or whoever is the prez of Russia in the game)?

This would be me on the weekends


Oh poor Pepe how the mighty have fallen


That doesn’t really make it any less confusing. Hispanic and Latin have a huge amount of overlap with Hispanic referring to “spanish speaking” while Latin refers to the area of Latin America. At least that’s one set of definitions, but most people don’t even seem to differentiate at all. People are different “races” because of where their ancestors came from. I’m just trying to figure out what the purpose of the feature is. It seems like there’s no reason to limit it if it’s just cosmetic. If it’s not just cosmetic it’s not clear what its actual purpose is.

As for President Obama I’m talking about the fact that his mom was white. His dad was African yes, but it’s safe to assume that like the vast majority of sexually reproducing living beings he got half his genes from his dad, and half from his mom. He’s actually half black and half white, but people think of him as just “black.” Also, the place he came from really does matter since among other things, when he was born there were still anti-miscegenation laws in several states, whereas in Hawaii it’s almost surprising to meet someone who isn’t mixed.


You will have the option of going to basketball or baseball matches as president


Will we have a first pet?
Every president (except the current one) had one.


If we can have a first pet, then I want a freakin’ strange pet like an alligator like good ol’ Teddy Roosevelt. Dude was such a boss in real life


Seriously? No one else thought of this? This is legendary :joy:
I’ll wait until the next chapter to add this as a feature :smile:
Also it’s sucks that there is no presidential pet in the White House right now… It probably would’ve been forgotten about anyways :disappointed:


I’d want a bush baby or a kitten, something super cute :stuck_out_tongue: . Also arg just noticed I accidently deleted my last post :frowning: . Didn’t do a full playthrough with regards to noting down typos and such, but one thing I thought of was maybe have an option if we go to our interview nude to say we want to set an example for America, that if nothing else this term will be the term nudity became legalised :stuck_out_tongue: .

Edit: oh yeah and I also liked that you mentioned an office romance, that yp is criminally underrated.


Or a bear like Lord Byron.

Or… why not both?


I want a platypus as my pet