The Oval Office : New Update! (Half of Chapter 3) July 31st, 2018



@Sophia Thank you for gracing my lowly thread with your presence your Majesty!

Btw I wanted to tell you but I wanted to keep it a surprise, lol. IDK when (it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when) this game gets released, I hope I can keep it in the story.

You have influenced my story and me by being who you are… I can only hope to get half as much love and respect as you, as you are just simply groundbreaking… Lol I’m rambling, but thank yourself for creating such a legacy! Cheers. :joy:

P.S: I try to be funny :smile:


P.P.S: Everybody always says “Justice, you can open for Kevin Hart dude” and I’m always like “no, I can be humorous in writing, doesn’t mean I have the confidence to do standup!” Im going for “Deadpool” funny, :smile:


Lmaoooo dude, let’s hope not :sweat_smile:


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I have a few questions. Could cheating on your spouse lead to a premature game over? Also, do you ever explain why the bunker was opened? Also, how trustworthy is your spouse (I would assume they’ll keep your secrets unless pushed extraordinarily hard [read: you cheated/ they were tortured and/or forced to watch your kids being tortured])?


I think it was mentioned. Because they thought that they would get caught on camera doing the stuff.

Cheating on your spouse would not be game over but people knowing that you are cheating on them could cause scandals.


We’re all looking at u Bill Clinton


I meant, explain to the general and others why the bunker was opened but nuclear war was not imminent.
Sorry for the confusion


Fortunately, just cause the bunker opens doesn’t mean that war is imminent. It just means that some random, tired, overworked CIA staffer has to constantly disable all the warheads being aimed at various world capitols :joy:


You’re mistaken, Spydy/Pandini. I’ve been keeping track of your WiP. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a president? Besides, your WiP is gaining popularity already, seeing that you have 100+ likes. :slight_smile:


BTW guys, I cleared out the old list of people who signed up because some are now inactive/forgot about the story, aside from various problems claiming spots… So tomorrow I will get a list of available jobs/positions and you guys can come to the private thread to claim!
P.S: Only 4/half hours left until the deadline… FREE OPPORTUNITY to be in a game forever!! (Like the post!)


Let’s just say that the better your relationship is, the harder it is to get secrets :slight_smile:


So a higher relationship means that they are more likely to keep a secret?


Ya :joy:
Omg I keep forgetting about the 20 character thing


Aww, thank you! :smile:

Lol, I’m not Pandini anymore… That ship has sailed (banned for 3827 years :joy:)

And by executive order, I hereby declare that “Spydy” is the only acceptable way to address me :joy:


I have questions about the kids.
Will making the kid-hating choices (wearing a Superman shirt to your interview, etc.) lead to more scandals caused by your kids (TPing embassies, drunk pictures on social media, etc.)?
Also, will you be able to change the birth order of your kids if you have two boys and a girl/two girls and a boy?
Great game! Looking forward to meeting the Illuminati :smile:!


Wow, these things I didn’t even think of! That’s awesome :joy:

I’ll add who was born first to the prologue in a future update… IDK if it will remain at 3 kids as the dialogue would be the same if you had two boys/two girls… I might just reduce it to two kids or find a way to randomize dialogue during family/breakfast scenes… @DUNGEON_MASTER is this possible?

As far as the kid-hating choices, yes, in the future, your relationship level with your kids influences what they do to help or harm your image. If you embarrass them, chances are they’ll embarrass you! :smile:

Thanks for the suggestions! It’s people like you who influence the WIP in a major way! :smiley:


I think it is. :thinking:


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