The Oval Office : New Update! (Half of Chapter 3) July 31st, 2018



OK. To be honest, that scene was a joke, to bring out the character Justice. If I can find a way to introduce him better, I will change it.


You are completely right… I am constantly giving options that are too hot or too cold instead of some neutral options… I’ll add more options in next update however.


In the section where you can decide your goals for the next 4 years, the options:
"Legalize, but regulate and limit consumption of marijuana or cocaine"
And "Crack down, pun not intended, on the illegal use and abuse of ALL drugs."
Are greyed out.


Thanks for catching that bug.

It has been corrected. :smiley:



In case you missed it.


I do not know what to say about illuminati. I agree to have a secret group that want to lead the world but maybe whit another name.


illuminatus ?
Illuminatew ?
Illuminatem ?


I thought of something like “The Knight of the Golden Circle” or “The Order of the Assassins” or maybe “The Axis Brotherhood”


They would be awesome for medieval genre but its set in modern world and we are using the real names of many countries and it won’t be the first time they are being mentioned somewhere too.


The Knights of the Golden Circle was an actual secret society that existed in the USA. They were most prominent prior to and during the Civil War. They wanted to spread slavery in what they called the “Golden Circle”. Which is basically the Southern USA, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Following the Confederacy’s defeat in the Civil War they effectively ceased to exist.

Although they are some conspiracy theories that they continued to operate by becoming even more secretive.


Hey I read about it somewhere… In a book or online…

I wonder was it the orange pips case of Sherlock :thinking:


Awsome concept. Looking forward to playing more of it. Keep it up.


Awesome start to the day seeing this revived! :smiley: Can’t wait to find some time to try the new content. But it’s been nearly a year since this was first announced? :open_mouth: Well that year sure went fast.


welcome back dude!

it’s time for the dictat…I mean the president come back!


OK… when Pandini got hit with the banhammer (lol) I lost all the people who signed up to be random characters… Who ever likes this post will be in the game, with details of who you will be/want to be will be announced later… I will get the list, then it will be on a first come, first serve basis.

As always, @DUNGEON_MASTER is already taken care of :grin:

P.S: I will need your real name, not your username, lol

Ends on Saturday at 12 am.


You, young sir, are hilarious. :joy:

Thanks for mentioning my story in yours. :slight_smile:


What kinds of endings are present in this game?
Is it possible to have a golden ending where you rule the solar system under a gentle hand?
Also, is it possible to doom humanity to extinction?


Mostly likely not, because this game isn’t Donald Drumpf: Presidential Simulator. :laughing::laughing::sweat_smile:


There are some rather Drumpf-y choices present, so I wouldn’t be surprised if such an end exists.


Nor would I.

( actually I would love an end like that ( only in fiction, IMO ))