The Operative: Fires of Revolution (WIP) (Updated 1/19/2018)



I think there is extra unnecessary text in page break


Lol that made me laugh. I’ll remove it. Thanks! Hope you are enjoying it. :slight_smile:


Should be fixed. I hope anyway lol A lot of text was added that i dont think i added. might of been a paste mistake on my part though.


I like the idea of little history pages, I’ve seen that in many different WIPs. I think it’s a nice way to show the player some extra info about certain characters if they’re interested. About the Liana cut, if it’s important to mention or not is up to you, but since the story is from MC’s perspective, that really depends whether or not they know the story.

Combat-wise, I sadly cannot help you… Combat in games is not my strong suit at all.


Alright, then start keeping an eye out for those pages of lore/info in the next update which should drop Monday or Tuesday if everything goes smoothly


Just as a question, how are you all playing this short demo at the moment? Also how many of you will go down this new violent route that comes out soon? :smiling_imp:


I think i am going to take that route when it comes. This governor doesn’t show the appropiate amount of fear and groveling i desire, forgivable if it would have been a pretty woman, :smirk:but he is not. :expressionless:


Lol, good reasoning :smirk::wink:


So, might release the first half of the new route tonight. Depends on if I can finish this all up. Action is not my specialty but i hope you guys will enjoy this. If not then ill just redo it until I get it right! :smiley:


To be honest i wasn’t expecting a whole lot from this. I was expecting nonrestrictive work with to few choices. I was wrong. At first it was a bit eh but the more i read the more i was getting hooked. Havent had that happen since i started sabres of infinity. Cant wait for more or a full release which id love to see if it continues to be as good as it has turned out to be, especially for a short demo.


Alright update is out! Im gonna head to bed now, please if you guys honestly don’t like the fights please let me know and i will work on them! (or if you do let me know lol)
muahahahahahah cough
Also let me know what you think of the character sheets in the stat screen!

(also if a regular can change the title of this topic to say it was updated today that would be awesome please and thank you XD )


Title updated with American date - :us: :wink:


Thank you very much.


I keep getting an error. I’m doing a “kill everyone who gets in my way” playthrough, so if an option is there to kill, I selected it.

Also, after picking your custom weapon (picked the pistols):
“You holster your twin pistols, their polished silver glints with the light. Calling thrm pistols may be a stretch, more like miniture shotguns, but the ability to draw quickly is an added bonus in tense standoff situations.”


Fixed that typo, as for the error im having trouble replicating it, so ill just work around with it and see if i can get it fixed. Anyway, hope you are enjoying the story! :smiley:


Im glad you are enjoying it! :slight_smile: I am going to try to come out with updates once a week even if said updates are just small added scenes.


Just found this on dashingdon. I’ve been decorating landing pads and doorways in red :smiley:

Looking forward to progress on this :smiley:


Hopefully by the next update which im hoping will drop sometime next week a lot more will be added to all routes.


Update may be a little later in the week. Work is killing me. Lol


Have i became a clone commander?!?!

Blast them!