The Operative: Fires of Revolution (WIP) (Updated 1/19/2018)



Any and all feedback is welcome and needed at this point lol!
Also I’m almost done with the more violent routes. Muhahaha evil! :smiling_imp:


This was awesome, it’s not my usual type of thing and I still enjoyed it.
Here’s a few problems, though: first of all, there are some enormous paragraphs sometimes, especially right on the first page… It’s just grating to read. Also, I got an error after choosing my hair color, it just freezes everything and I have to close the page, no warning or anything. It was weird lol
Still, I don’t think project is a waste of time at all, I’ll be looking forward to more updates. :slight_smile:


lol thats what a friend of mine said, ill look into the hair color bug and see if i can fix it. As for the paragraphs thats an easy fix. Ill see if i can fix that by the time evening rolls round here so eta 2 hours on that. (Also big thank you for commenting your thoughts, lol i cant improve without help. :smiley:


You didn’t happen to pick black as your hair color did you?


Yep, I picked black hair.


That explains it, it was a typo with the code. should be all fixed now. :slight_smile:


Great! I don’t have time now but I’ll play it tomorrow and get back here.


Seems like only regulars can change the title sadly, so that’s gonna be a little annoying lol :joy::sob:


I check this out on a daily basis so if there’s an update, I could always change it or someone else.


Thanks, enjoying it so far?


Yes. It’s very well thought out and plenty of opportunities for lore exploring.


Yay! :blush:
If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to say/ask :slight_smile:


Ahh!! I love this demo so far! I got a huge zer0 feel while playing the “stoic no feeling” play thru of it, I’ll be keeping an eye out for this wip! :hugs:

Edit: i seem to be having trouble accessing the stats screen, I am trying out the demo on my phone.


Stats are placeholders ATM anyway but they should work… I’ll check it out when I get home from work.


Whenever I try to check my stats it says ‘nonexistent variable jason’ And then there is no button to back out of the stats page to the story


I’ll fix the stats ASAP when I get home.


Keep getting this error on the scene with Admiral Anderson:

scene_1 line 125: increasing indent not allowed, expected 0 was 1


Thanks for letting me know, happily that one is an easy fix


@bianca_065 @Noahendless Both errors you ran into should be fixed. :slight_smile: thanks for letting me know.


Partial update and partial me just talking here lol.
A. So one of the goals im shooting for in this story is to make the world feel lived in, make the characters feel like there is history behind it. One of the ways i try to keep this in mind is ive written little history pages about each character, from what battles they were in to how they grew up etc etc. Though im sure i need advice and suggestions on how to better show this in story without telling.

One tiny example is when the mc is in the gloster with Liana, just that cut across her combat helmet has a story behind it. Do i think its important to mention? Not really but im “attempting” to just add that detail to give it or the person history.

B. Now to the update part so, the combat in this story until you get to harder opponents that will put up an actual fight dont have many choices during the fight, there are a few but for the most part i don’t think choices in such quick and one sided fights as an Operative tearing people apart are needed. Now as you face different opponents that will change, some are more trained while others are literally on par with your skills or have some sort of help/advantage.

Anyway what do you think of these two things?