The Operative: Fires of Revolution (WIP) (Updated 1/19/2018)



cool stuff. Looking forward for the demo


If it’s opened again then maybe the demo is on his way .
Really looking forward to it
If you are still taking suggestions about wepons what about

  • a melee weapon that looks like phone or torch that can fire bursts of energy ( stealthy )
  • a hydrogen powered laser chainsaw that expand like the light sabres (brutal)
  • exploding bullets
  • plasma fueled guns
  • mechanical/biological implants to increase strength / speed / sight



You are correct the demo is on its way, I actually have a lot of the story itself written but I’m rearranging the beginning for all of you. Then I’ll release as it’s written/put together so it will be small at first letting me make extra changes on the go. :slight_smile:


Does that mean I will get my mech suit ?


Something like that…


lol all the best man


Awesome OK now you got me pumped up so when am I going to shred my enemies


Soon hopefully! :grin:
Working on it as fast as I can i assure you! :sweat_smile:


One thing I wanted to get right and am working on is making this world feel lived in, many of the characters in this story have history, loved ones, childhoods, networks of friends loyalties etc.
Things your MC will only find out if you go out of your way to look into, or carefully look for hints. :slight_smile:

That or just murder the poor Devils…


Nice thought to give it a detective-like feel



Alright, so here is the schedule, if everything works out. A small demo will be released in a week or two. Then i shall update it when i can so you guys can follow me along with the development. It will start very small, that way i can get opinions and thoughts early and change things before they are out to the public. I am really excited guys! :smiley:
Hopefully it lives up to your expectations. :sweat_smile:


Best of luck for writing and coding - we will try to help as much as possible


Yay! :blush:Looking forward to demo! So far everything looks amazing!


And bayonet rocket launchers are always cool…


So i was writing one of the early battle scenes and as im writing two questions popped into my head.
First, do you like fight scenes that mainly take care of themselves with occasional choices once in a while, OR do you like being able to choose many of the moves in the fight? (Or perhaps do you like a bit of both with vanilla red shirt fights being the first and main important fights being the latter?)
Second, how many of you actually might not kill everything in sight? You kind of play a bad guy, but you are an official loyal to an empire, for now anyway depending on what you crazy guys/gals do. So how many of you will try to be nice, or perhaps play like you are loyal to the empire? (And i mean both on first playthrough or on later playthroughs.)


For the first question, I prefer the fight scenes to take care of themselves with occasional choices.

As for the second, I’d probably play as loyal to the empire for my first play-through and on later ones I’d try a different path.


First, i would like a balance of both.

Second, i can’t wait for someone to give me an excuse to order orbital bombardment. :relaxed:


Thank you for answering, lol :wink:


i would rather send in my deathclaw army to fight for me :grin:


My advice would be to put out the demo and ask for different types of feedback.