The Operative: Fires of Revolution (WIP) (Updated 1/19/2018)



The simple answer to that is no. But, there are... ways to power. :wink:


How do people feel about Fist weapons? Like Freddy Kruegers gloves or iron mans palm gauntlets?


Your idea for the game sounds interesting for fist weapons i was thinking more or less the fallout displacer gloves like this image here..


lol nice idea, I have an idea to make it work... begins furiously typing


or a more metallic version of this...


Like a wrist blade? Reminds me of Protoss Zealot psionic blades from Starcraft.


kind of however here is the best unarmed weapon ever (in my eyes sorry for all the pics)

ah i just love fallout unarmed weapons.


That would for sure be a weapon used for brutal murders and intimidation :joy:


oh i cant help myself for the tank class...thing

and this and maybe this note the bayonet well im going to shut up for a bit.


Sounds interesting can't wait


So many fallout weapons...


Here is an update, had some family health issues which delayed the incoming demo but very soon (eta 1-2 weeks if it goes well.) i will put out a call for alpha readers/testers. I hope everyone has had a good last few months!


Twin daggers or sword and shield would be a good melee alternatives. Plasma cannon would be a good ranged alternative.


Im hooked already. Cant wait to see what this idea turns into!


Bayonets for days! Bayonets for days!


You shouldn’t post in WIPs that have been dormant for over two weeks. It’s in the forum’s rules.


I need to go over the rules again sorry i have a bad memory and probably break a rule once a week without realizing it.


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I’m glad this is open again