The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Updated May 26th)

That’s alright. I do prefer to skip the sex scenes if there are any. I can handle violence without issue.

On an unrelated note, apparently some operatives got armor with cool powers. I want to aquire some cool powers.

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@comradelenin there will be quite a few new armors to choose from :wink:
I am even considering adding more then already planned.


Oh what wonderful war crimes I shall commit!


Discussing upcoming RO routes and how they play off of the side plots

Through the upcoming two updates MC’s will experience the capitol city and its many locations and adventures, but more importantly they will be doing this with their companions by their side. This will be a time when characters will explore each other as much as the MC explores their own relationships and world.

What I mean by this is you aren’t the only one trying to find out about these new friends/coworkers/love interest. (RO’s will not romance each other or other characters) This will make the side plots a lot more lively then they originally would of been, in a few demo’s/games ive played this has always been an issue, where going down an RO route kind of freezes everyone else, or just disconnects from them, which I feel limits character interaction to usually a couple clashes before diverging completely. (Just my opinion)

I personally feel that is a waste. And I would like to treat the cast of characters as more of an ensemble then a “choose one and the rest F off” Though yes a couple won’t/don’t get along…

For instance, Six might help out with a side plot involving Roads, thus making them more friendly then otherwise. Meanwhile if you are romancing either of those two that will be interweaved throughout that sideplot. Or maybe Jacob joins in helping you and Liana on your adventure, while you and Liana will still get your romantic moments (A date anyone? :wink: ) if its an RO route, Jacob will be helping his friends and feeling more like a living friend, and he will be growing in your eyes. And thats not even touching our growing cast of secondary characters, including a few fan favorites who will be very active in this story! Yes they will be doing their own thing, but they are all still assigned to you, and some are by this point most likely seeing you as a friend, hero or maybe love interest. (I hope this made sense. ;( )

Upcoming changes to public demo 5/26/2022

Cosmetic changes
GIANT GRAMMAR CORRECTION UPDATE (jesus im bad at grammar)
Arrival at the capitol
Beginning of several routes
Apartment customization
Proper beginning to most romance routes
Kisses and stuff

Cute dates, family drama, bar fights, car chases, investigation and angst.


^ I like this person! Their attitude aligns with my own. Let the war crimes commence!!! :heart:


I agree. A big issue with COG games, much as I love them, is that if you want to romance someone, you have to basically neglect everyone else, and it’s hard to get an RO if you want everyone to like you. It’s a common videogame issue in general really. People have been trying to remedy it for a while.

Also, I love that the Chemical Weapons Expert dabbles in civil engineering.

“When I’m not deploying gasses that dissolve eyes and skin, I like to make our cities and towns a bit more functional.”


I think we all know who the real “fan favorite” is… Yes, I mean Mad Dog


This seems pretty neat. One question though, do you have any image references for how the different armor types generally look?
Like for the heavy armor are we talking warhammer space marine power armor levels of big/bulky or is it more like halo’s mjolnir armor?
Personally i hope its more like the latters aesthetic since id like to imagine my mc’s armor as pretty much the T5-V Battlesuits that the N7 Destroyer Soldiers in mass effect wear and the terror or stealth armors wouldn’t really fit that.
Anyway like i said neat story and wish you the best with it.

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@Determined_defeatist Im am so happy you are enjoying it! Yes those armors you listed are what I was sort of working off of when thinking of the armor, maybe slightly bigger. I plan to eventually get artwork done of all the different armors. :smiley:


Our latest and greatest poll!

Which one is your Favorite RO
If you so wish you can explain why also

  • Ari
  • Liana
  • Six
  • Jacob
  • Agent Roads

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Oooo, Ari is already in the lead, but we knew that would happen.


Ok I voted for Ari (because I can’t resist angst), but I want to throw out an honourable mention for Six, because they’re very cool and I also can’t resist an mad/evil scientist type.


Well, I got second place.

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Poor Jacob :sweat_smile:


I demand more people vote for Six! They need to be second


@hellblazest I appreciate the love for both of them!

Oh im sure he will get his fans. :slight_smile: :wink:


who is Jacob ^_-


He is one of the Marines with our MC lol


i always just ignored him

He has his own bit of interesting back story at least I think so but Ari is my main love interest lol multiple playthrough a will eventually hit them all though. :smiley: