The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Updated April 30th)(New RO art)

The Patreon demo will be updated again 5/20/2022 the public version of the demo will be updated 05/26/2022.

The war is over but the galaxy still burns, billions dead in a duel between raging Empires that ended in little more then a stalemate on a barren planet. You are an Operative, one of once hundreds of modified beings that saved the Empire of a United Earth.

But when ghosts of the past threaten to plunge the galaxy into another war and threatens those you call friends, you must vanquish your past to move forward with an Empire on the brink, or embrace it and forge a new path. Maybe even, a new Empire.

Content warning

  • This game contains, violence, depiction of war and innocent casualties, strong language, drug references, major/minor character death, optional non-explicit sexual content and other mature themes. Please use discretion and this list will be updated as content is added.*
    Playtest link:
    (Currently hunting down some glaring pronoun errors in the newest scenes.)
    updated 4/26/2022
    RO poll on post 929
Romance Options

Fall in love with one of six romance options. Including an Imperial Marine, a fellow super soldier, an Imperial Agent and a mysterious chemical weapons expert.
"Ari" (The Old Flame)

(Female Version Post Flashback Artwork by RagingMunkey)
He/She (optional)
A loyal companion since you were both made Operatives, Ari is either your closest friend or your old flame of youth. They served in some of the darkest moments of the Empire, having thousands of kills under their belt. Recent events forced you both into conflict and then separation, now leaving memories and dreams as your only respite together. But something behind the scenes may force two people intertwined by destiny back together…
Liana Swarovski (The Soldier)

One of two marines personally assigned to you by the Admiral. Despite spending the past several years in combat she forces herself to maintain as cheerful a disposition as possibly. Having been saved by an Operative in a past mission gone wrong she remains open and friendly to her newest assignment…
Jacob Miller (The Tactician)
One of two marines personally assigned to you by the Admiral. Not much to note about the ordinary man, except that for someone with only two combat missions under their belt he spent the remainder of the war in service of Admirals and Generals. Recent events have reportedly chipped away at his once Casanova and pleasure loving disposition, but behind his kind eyes lies something very few see…
Designate Six (The Loyalist)

A deadly combatant even to Operatives, Designate Six commands the Chemical Core under your command, a group of specialist who utilize chemical and biological warfare tactics to render enemy forces inert. Hidden behind robes and masks Six is first and foremost an explorer of the deadly and arcane, but second a person of undying loyalty to their Operative…
Earl/Enola Roads (The Investigator)

He/She optional
Agent Enola/Earl Roads is an agent for the Imperial Heartbreaker Division, a branch of the Emperors secret police, specializing in tactics best left out of the spotlight. Having rode the success of their involvement defending the Royal Family from assassination they seek to enter the dangerous but extremely lucrative business of Imperial Politics. Their history with Operative 002 is an interesting one born of violence and strife, but now, all this time later perhaps its one of fascination.

Their reputation is one rivaling the most bloodthirsty Operatives, but will someone looking closer find something worthwhile behind those cruel eyes?
Unknown (The Knight)

Armor Types

Armor Types are the different armor your Operative wears through their story. It can range from enable entire routes to greatly changing the course of a battle! Here are the current armors, along with future modifications. *Note this is subject to change.
Starting armors
Heavy armor
Stealth suit
Terror armor
Future modifications/upgrades
The Tank
Chemical Core

Update Log

Update log
5/3/17 : fixed bug causing game to crash when choosing hair color, split up paragraphs for prologue to make it easier to read.
5/10/17 : Fixed a few mispells and bugs. Also added in part of another route, added a character section to the stat screen. (not finished but its a start haha, please give your opinions on that)
6/22/2017 : Fixed a few bugs, added some more scenes to both big routes and added a new variable which will come into play in the future.
9/1/2017 :Closed off a few paths to polish them and also fix some issues.
10/3/2017: Opened up a couple of new choices early on. Also added the first part of the “Cathedral battle” update. One out of three.
11/20/2017 Two out of three routes done for the “Cathedral battle” updates will be once a week now.
11/21/2017 Had to remove two scenes and edit another.
11/22/2017 Reopenned a couple things… Also redid the stat screen to start leaning towards what i want the finished version to sort of look like. And finally added some changed to choosing your military background, also the choices give a heads up as to what stats you will start higher then others.
12/1/2017: almost completely done with the cathedral battle!
1/13/2018: An interesting scene leading up to the interrogation scenes!
1/15/2018: lightly adjusted the intro scene for Ari to add just a few more details.
3/9/2018: Interrogation scenes mostly done along with some added flavortext.
2018-2022: Added stealth scenes to infiltrate rebel camp and even engage the Hawk directly.
Finished Rebel arc.
Added scenes on the Admirals flagship.
Added romance scene with Ari in the past.
Added more flashbacks.
Added several scenes with Six and Liana.
Added scene getting to know Jacob better.
Added scene with Admiral and her Daughter.
Added Introduction to Operative 001
Added Jacob option to interrogation scene of rebel spy.
Added new section onto story including scenes with Six, Liana, Jacob and the Admirals daughter.
Added one possible beginning to romance route of Liana. (WIP subject to change based on feedback)
Added next little section to progress the story.
Added skip function to skip to after dealing with the Hawk/rebel forces.
3/26/2022 uopdated: added first half of the palace attack flashback including the leadup that itnroduces some of the royal family, more scenes with Ari, a perspective shift to Captain Schofield and introduced the Operative known as The Mad Dog. Also introduced more combat revolving around your armors abilities instead of just your weapon with some armor modifiers.


Operative 001

Further reading

The great war between the United Earth Government and the Anglo-Chinese Commonwealth has been raging for eleven years now. You are a captain in the UEG Navy, your duty is to our beloved Emperor, do your duty. (Spinoff title to the Operative) (Note this is just a side project that has not nearly had as much thought put into it as The Operative, so no promises on quality but your thoughts or critiques are still welcomed! <3)
Short playtest:

Project tracker

Note that this tracker is based off my original outline, titles may spoil things but Ive tried to keep it as generic as possible. Bold titles indicate where the demo is at this time. Keep in mind some parts are much longer then others.

First Flashback
An old friend/foe
Preparation for battle
Night attack
Morning contact/counter attack
Battle for the city/massacre
Showdown at dusk
Boiling point
The flagship
Palace Attack
Journey to the capitol
Delays/The Investigation/Demon in the city
A meeting and a dance
The Lab
Meltdown (Most likely where open demo testing will end)
The chase
Battle of the admirals
Boarding the Resolute
Hunters mark
First contact
A diplomatic engagement
Fire across the Empire
Operative down
The duel/The plea

Discord link Operative HQ (If you are having issues on mobile try using the method on post 1054)
Patreon: Patreon (Early access demo next update 5/05/2022)
Tumblr: Tumblr


this sounds really good! Can’t wait for a demo


I’m interested in this and question we got our arm replace


North Korea made a space colony? … North Korea made a space colony? :joy:


Russia and the U.S. cooperating? U.K. and North Korea cooperating?

The chaos in this is going to be so great


Do we get a robotic arm or something?


North Korea isn’t likely to make it to 2020, much less this games time frame…


What? No, I mean the real NK, not the intro you’ve written.


Politics will likely change in the future, enemies become allies, allies become enemies. Its happened before, so I dont find it too far fetched that alliances would change in the far future. I think my most far fetched thing was North Korea even making it into space XD lol


That is extremely far fetched. Like, far fetched enough that it completely takes me out of the experience.

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Gotcha, lol good point! :slight_smile:

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Hmmm, i might just change the country XD


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Currently you are more or less just an enforcer. However, there are… ways to gain power for yourself. :wink:


@Doctor @Shoelip @Jinx_the_Atomic_Cat


Sounds really interesting. Can’t wait to see where you go from this.

It sounds really cool, I have a few suggestions though. The NC should be called the ACC (Anglo-Chinese Commonwealth). You could call the Empire the UEG (United Earth Government). That’s all for right now. I can’t wait to see the demo!


Wow, good names! I think ill use them if thats alright with you. Thank you! :slight_smile:


No problem, that’s what we’re here for after all. :smile:


Well, it is in the future,why would’nt we?Or maybe something even better! Robotic gun arm anyone? Nah,how would it fire? Maybe the fingers could fire bullets and the palm fire some sort of heavy ordinance.Maybe Mr. spytim would give the option to customize our arm?