The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 6/28/2018)



Nice news :grin:
anxious here to read this


Do not worry, you’ve heard of the legend of Darth Plagueis, The Wise? :smiling_imp:

Thank you for the suggestion :wink:


Please let me know your thoughts :sweat_smile:
I would like to be releasing much more quickly but stuff happens :sob:


By the way have y’all done different playthroughs and experimented with the choices any?


I had play both choice of using Marines and CWC against the rogue operatives …i prefer CWC :wink: and we can only select Designate six later if we chose them earlier against rogue operative right ?

I had tried both interrogating myself and by asking Liana to do it :smile:


@Eric_knight Correct, you can only select the character and troops you use in the actual attack on the cathedral


I found the interrogations very well written, and I liked the options. I do not know which one, I liked better, the one with six or Lianna. The plan of attack with artillery I found very interesting, curious to see how it will unfold.
As always I liked the dialogues and scenes, great descriptions and details, really this demo only gets better.:grin:
no problem, the important thing is to be able to read more of this wonderful writing, good work and luck. :wink::smile:


Finally had some free time to play this…

First, you don’t know how happy I am that the stealth route is finally completed! Though it seems to lock us with commander whats-his-name as a partner, I would’ve preferred to be partnered up with Designate Six, but oh well.

It seems the scene with Ari has changed, instead of warning us that the empire is using us like tools now she warns us that the UGC is keeping a close eye on us thanks to Cain’s actions? If you don’t mind me saying this, I much preferred the older version. It conveys a cryptic warning and a sense of how hurt both of them are because of something that happened in the past. Besides, ‘Be careful, old friend’ isn’t as emotionally charged as reaching out, trying to touch her cheek, expecting the warmth of her face, only to feel the coldness of the night’s air instead. I particularly like the ‘It’s cold, oh so cold’ line from the previous version.


@Nightgazer (Firstly hopefully the stealth route was acceptable? Or do you think it needs work?) i’ll actually change that back tonight when I get home from work since I was completely happy with how the Ari scene was.
i think It’s a problem with how I set several variables, the Ari relationship ones and the motive, I accidentally coded it so that the motive overrides the relationship with Ari thus delivering a scene that makes sense for MC’s with a indifferent relationship with Ari but not for those of us who wuv her. <3
(should be fixed!)


And that brings up a good question also, do y’all prefer to choose between Six and the captain despite not meeting them depending on certain choices?

Or do you not mind me locking it out if you don’t meet and work with them in the flashback?


I would like the choice to choose which to work with outside of the flashback although, having Designate 6 break the spy is awesome.


Is the assumption that we would never have met/heard of/known how to contact six or the captain unless they were encountered in this particular flashback?

Unless there is a good in-story reason for why we couldn’t have met six elsewhere I can’t quite see the purpose of the lock. Especially when the captain is still an option if you follow the chemical route, despite his objections.

Personally, I’m with @Nightgazer on this one. I quite enjoyed the new stealth route but found the subsequent lock caught me off guard. I would have liked to follow this route and still had the option to partner up with six later.

Also, on a slightly different note, your conversation with Liana in her room if you play as a female operative has her address you as ‘sir’. I personally don’t have a problem with my operative being addressed as ‘sir’, provided it is held consistent for a particular character or characters. However, this is the only instance of ‘sir’ appearing rather than ‘ma’am’ that I can find across the routes.


@Nazara Alrighty then, I’ll look at removing the lock. I apologize for any annoyance about locking y’all out. :frowning:

Also, I’ll go hunt down that stray “sir” haha :slight_smile:


Fixed! Took way too long to get to that… lol now back to me working on the next update.

Would yall like a peek of some stuff later down the road? (Keep in mind it would be small rough notes/ scenes that may or may not be important :3 )

  • Yes!
  • no!

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Ignore the absurd amount of edits lol long day xD
possible spoilers below

Captains Sato and Crass loudly talk and drink with Admiral Anderson as they engage in the heated debate, Rear admiral Karlsruhe barking a harsh reply to Sato as he spills his drink on her sleeve a stern motherly look on her face.

Your attention is drawn to the other captain at the table. Wrapped in a large deep blue long coat the thin woman quietly sits, her amber, almost yellow eyes locked on admiral Anderson through the conversation a small smile on her face as she intently listens. Her hands tentatively dance around a humble silver ring.

The star of the empire, Captain Jeanne Rounet.

Admiral Anderson says something quietly that makes their eyes widen in surprise, they all lean forward each one shouting or objecting in protest before hushing themselves as Rounet leans forward to speak.

“You must be out of your mind Elia, suggesting such a thing is liable to get you in hot water.” Rouanet says, her words full of concern as she casts a worried look around the table.

“It will happen, mark my words, this military is sitting on a powder keg set to go off at the death of a single man— our Emperor.” The admiral casts a challenging glance around the table, the captains merely shrug before taking sips from their drinks, the light casting deep shadows across the walls.

They continue to talk back and forth about many things as the night drags on.

Eventually one by one the captains return to their posts to prepare for the great offensive ahead, Jeanne waits for them to leave, tapping her foot impatiently as she sips a glass of wine.

As the last one leaves the admiral rubs her head groaning.

“I hope that day never comes, we’ve given too much for it to just, break.” Elia’s comment hangs in the air for a moment, a pained look on her face…

Jeanne slowly gets up from the table, casting a quick glance to you, gesturing with her head before circling the table and approaching the admiral, a soft, kind smile on her face.

Taking the queue you pass by them casting a glance back as you exit the doorway.

“If that time comes I will stand with you Rose, always.” Jeanne says placing a soft kiss on Elia’s cheek eliciting a blush from the admiral before she pulls her into a tender embrace.

Closing the door behind you as you leave you can still see them hugging, you can’t help but admire it, though some human tendencies elude you, that does not. Not at all…


Can we get medals and promotions to higher rank?


The Operatives belong to almost a whole separate branch of the UEG military altogether, though their role doesn’t require a specific rank usually. Hence characters referring to you as “commander” and “Operative” as your title.

Though there are ways to power :wink::smiling_imp::fire:


WOW! Just reading from summary and character descriptions I can tell that you’ve put a lot of work into this and the idea seems very promising. :blush:


Thanks, I’d love to hear what you think of the story when you get a chance to read it! :smiley: :sweat_smile:


Oh boy!!! I’m in love already :scream: I’m so delved into this…I see hints of 40k here and there…mmmm…the emperor protects and I need more angst