The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 6/28/2018)




Oh i see… thank you :slight_smile:


It really does not seem like a good idea to be hit by it, especially if it’s electric … :thinking::sweat_smile:
But the cool thing about a weapon like that is that it can be used against the owner, type to hang it with this while we are behind, although if it is electrified this can complicate this maneuver, but when things go to the field of the body the body, we can expect anything I guess.
It reminded me of the fights with Kratos, intense melee, so much so that he used to use the enemy’s weapons or his own enemy to hit the opponent :joy:
This art besides good, brought me many good memories too :smile:


It is a blast to write upcoming encounters against that whip with our MC’s different weapons and the stories environments :3


I think i apply Dual Energy Gun for my MC… will it do any good against the whip ? :wink:

i also feel that choosing Designate six and the CWC is way better than the Marines :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Although i will always want to bring Liana along :blush:


There are a few fun character combinations you can bring to various scenarios, similar to how tin star did it. (Like Liana and Six interacting etc etc)

Both the CWC shock troops and the marine choices will get their chances to shine. :wink:


That will be so awesome !!! Carrie was my favourite companion in Tin Star , although Ben and Carson will be in most missions too… I only wish Maria Agustina can join in the mission, but i guess it was not her intended role…

Liana and Designate six will definitely be fun joining mission together … i hope Liana will continue to carry that smile of hers in mission too , imagining Liana will say to enemy " Will you rather deal with me or him (Designate Six ) ? " i still chuckle when remembering Liana’s offer to perform the interrogation :smile:


Will be updating the game either tonight or tomorrow sometime. The update will be a smaller scene update leading up to our first encounter with the Hawks rebel forces.


Alright so the update is out, please if you get a chance test it out and give me your opinions and suggestions/thoughts/etc :slight_smile:

@Eric_knight Did you ever actually have her conduct it? :smiley:
Most of the characters at some point can come with you in some situations, within reason of course :slight_smile:


Yes… buddy :smile: i let Liana conduct the “interview” and it was so funny and “heart Warming”, that’s why i like her… she is so sweet, was it she suppose to be Good Cop and i am the bad one ? Lol, but Liana said she is the bad cop … i think most people don’t mind dealing with the “Bad” one then if Liana is the one conducting it… :smile:


my thoughts behind it was she couldn’t keep herself consistent lol :joy:


Really ? I had thought it was Liana’s cheerful nature like Harley Quinn, she will “joke” around with her enemy so you won’t know whether she will really kill the enemy or let them go… having her around will make my life less boring :smile:


Oh she has some glorious scenes coming up. :wink:


That will be awesome … Coupling with Liana is like the matching of Light (Liana) and Darkness (me) , Fire (Liana) and Ice (me) as well as Yin (me) and Yang (Liana) of Tai-Qi :smile:


Same here :smile:
She is my new Padme, the old is so much boring in comparison with the new :laughing:


Natalie Portman ?? Yeah she seems a bit rigid … Diana D’ Agron will make a much better Queen :wink:


That’s very sweet <3


Humm, let´s search in google for it…
After some moments:
“Impressive. Most impressive…” :smirk::laughing:


When might we see the list of all the operatives or are we gonna get that though the story in flash backs ?


Diana D’Agron is at her best in “I am Number Four” as Sarah Hart …
you should watch the movie , there is something so natural about her :blush: , too bad her character needs to die in Book 6 of the book series… i am heart broken :sweat:


@Hexing over time in story mostly, however the entire “first generation” of operatives will eventually be released as a full list with bios :slight_smile: