The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 6/28/2018)



What about Monetary Gain? @spytim
Afterall, Money makes the world go round! :laughing:


As a question to you readers, so far in the playtest was there any choices you feel you should of been able to make? If so please say what those were and where in the story they would go. :slight_smile:

eta on next update is up in the air for now as my goal as to what I will finish keeps… Adjusting :3


bitch slap…everywhere


Non-lethally subduing the governor and sending him to be court-martialed for keeping secrets from an operative?

Or we could just torture him for the information, that works too I guess.


Current goal is to finish the next update which should dwarf any update so far within the next 2 weeks, the update after that will be of equal or greater size and we will then be moving on to greater things in our Operatives future… :wink:


Alright so an update to the Goals thing. So in preparation for the upcoming update which should bring our visit to this current planet to a close and on to other adventures… I will be updating in several small updates, the story up to the current point and add more flavor text to make each playthrough more unique! Also I will finish our interrogation scenes.

Those of you who want to only play giant updates that add more to your current runs with be mildly disappointed for now as I am not yet happy with what I have to release it. However there is a scene with the admiral tagged onto the end of the run… :wink:

Those who wish to assist me with grammar and structure and plot suggestions and critiques are welcome to do so at your choosing. Another thing I hope to do in the coming updates which is introduce this world more fully to you all in flavor text and background events and a more in depth stat screen to come. I thank you all for the patience and wish you a happy march! :smiley:


A Private War

Soon we will send you Operatives into the battle for the Eastern District of the New Balkans colony. Your four hundred troops will face off against nearly two thousand rebels along with their supporting “specialists” with unknown skills, will you skillfully defeat the enemy using superior training and positioning? Or will you use diplomacy to either reach a peace or draw out the Hawk? Perhaps you will call in support to burn the whole city to the ground… The Choice will be yours Operatives. Good luck and glory to our beloved Emperor!

— Propaganda officer Luuk Visser


With an odd of 2000 vs 400, i think it will be illogical if the rebels reach a peace deal so soon … so ,perhaps before the MC can try to negotiate with them…there has to be some show of strength to prove that the MC’s force can really overturn the tide? :slight_smile:
well… i fully intend to solve the conflict peacefully , but at the same time…i must think of a very good reason why the rebels will make a pact with me when they totally outnumbered my force :smile:


Oh there will be a show of strength :wink:


Glory to the emperor, can’t wait for this.


Call in support

I am not so weak that I’ll need help from the army. But maybe I’ll call for a purge after I spilled every drop of blood from those traitorous rebel.


hides explosives behind back no idea how that could happen… :3


Brutal but cautious inquisitor Mc: headbutts exterminatous button
Stealthy tactition Mc: lures out hawk
Diplomat Mc: goes for talks with rebels single shot to hawks head lets the rest go with a warning


Could the MC choose to betray the Emperor ? :slight_smile:

Obviously my MC is not overzealous about a tyrant :wink:


You dare betray the emperor of mankind?! Heresy! Your death shan’t be swift, traitor…

Joking aside, there’s seems to be foreshadowing here and there that we’ll be able to do that, I think it’s a pretty safe assumption to make that the answer is yes. Though I suggest caution before making the decision, we don’t know why the other operatives are betraying the emperor nor do we know if dethroning the emperor is better for mankind…too many revolution ends up only with switching one tyrant for the other.


Hahaha…yes i agree with you on that :grin: , but i don’t think the Emperor here represent all mankind, at best he is the Emperor of America, Russia and German Alliance, who either enslave or eradicate all the rest of humanity before establishing the so called United Earth Alliance ? Alternative human faction lead by British and Chinese form the other human coalition (ACC) :slight_smile: I am surprise the French and Spanish are not a major power anymore :slight_smile:

It seems the political structure is quite intriguing :slight_smile: On second thought , since Liana is fiercely loyal to the Emperor , i will remain loyal to the Emperor just for Liana :wink: :blush:


The greatest achievement is turning Liana though
“Join me my love and together tyranny will fall to justice, truth, and the betterment of humanity”


Well…based on what i read last time, Liana seems quite zealous with the emperor’s cause :slight_smile: It will not be easy … in addition, MC and Liana hadn’t develop anything special yet :grin: I don’t think Liana will follow us, and she did “warn” us it won’t be easy to impress military girl…Lol :smile:

I sure don’t want to hurt her if we are on the opposite sides :blush:


All the more fun to try and if we fail…we can have a fun time playfully teasing her after each battle.
Those kinda hero villian relationships can get intresting.


So we are the Hero and she is the Villain ? :smile: theoretically Liana is no match for us , we can let her hit us multiple times and acting as if we are truly hurt, so that the Emperor assumes Liana is the only one who can defeat us and give her a rapid promotion :smile: That will be cool :grin: