The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 6/28/2018)



@Eric_knight If I may ask further why Liana? you dont have to answer but I am curious as to peoples reasoning behind who likes what characters, I tried to make them somewhat unique :sweat_smile:


Hmmmm… firstly, i felt that she has the naive and “positive” nature for being a soldier in a deadly universe , Liana seems wary and alert about the potential betrayal plus dangerous plot in this cruel business , but at the same time she keeps her sense of humour in a way that she tries to poke fun (or perhaps mockery) on her current situation as well as people who she associates with … i kind of imagine Liana as the less violent Harley Quinn … who seems fond of partnering with dangerous and deadly character without giving up her nativity, sense of humour and positive nature :wink: … Oh i believe the main character is a dangerous , deadly but perhaps a hybrid of both Joker and Batman :smile:


Wonders what kind of alien cell they used to create first generation operatives based on Ari’s comments about carelessly walking around the lab.

Aww man…no cool alien heritage or badass wing?


I mean I guess I could just let you hold on to hope for it… muhahahahaha!


Glad you enjoy her character, I’m trying to make characters that will be memorable but still adapt and grow as the stories events/choices change.

For instance a cruel but loyal character might alter their methods a bit if they respect you and you don’t like it.
A more kind character won’t instantly hate you for questionable choices if they feel you know what you are doing and would only take the needed actions.

On the flip side if they don’t like you…

Also characters will react if they have a good relationship to a character who gets wounded/killed. Even if the MC gets wounded characters that care about them or at least respect them will react instead of wounded just being a mechanic trait.


Smaller update is out which is mostly* prep for the next update which finishes off the stuff at the Governors estate and moves us to where most of us belong! The battlefield! :smiley:

Also Six’s interrogation route might have some info about our opponents here… :3


I like that, it will make the interaction between characters more heart-warming, i am currently reading “Slammed!” now… and i totally get the feel for my character and his romance interest , due to the good relationship of my main character with a RO from previous chapter, the writing on how she went in search of me for 6 months since i had been betray and on Exile really make me feel that she care for me truthfully , hence i fully applaud what you try to do :slight_smile:


So as a question to the readers.

What is your biggest question you want answered as your operative goes through this adventure?

And also what are some of the things you hope to see or general things you want to learn?


The Emperor, definitely the Emperor.

What reason would be great enough to make an operative go rogue?




Lol nice one. :joy:

@Nightgazer yes you will meet him. :3


So as a general update i am working hard on the next large update! Also as a side note that im honestly not sure who would be interested but I am also working on a. “Side spinoff project” from the operative.

Not sure who would be interested in that… :3 Also no it will not effect my work on the Operative.


Is it the right thing to do if we follow the Emperor unquestionable :slight_smile:
I know Liana is fiercely loyal to the Emperor but i hope she will see my points :wink:

Are there organised Rebel Alliance in the universe ? What are their motives and the cause ? :smile:


That last one I could just answer now? XD haha


So … there is a Skywalker then ? Lol :smile:
Don’t tell me it is Hawk… :stuck_out_tongue:

I am guessing Ari ? Or Liana’s older sister? or Designate six?


Kind of two projects, one I’m staying quiet by which character it is about. The other one is another original mc


More free entertainment!!??!?!?

…you rang???


Jumping back to our few interactions with the admiral I am going to redo that scene to better portray her then it is currently. Also I plan to lengthen the scene to at least double what it was.


All i want to be able to say is “It’s Treason then?”

Just like my hero Emperor Sheev Palpatine


The next update has no ETA as this portion is pretty branching and holds a lot of words. :smiley: