The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 6/28/2018)



For the stealthy Operatives that will be a great route to play out!


Are the Operatives as tough as the WH40k Space Marines?


i would assume at the moment they are closer to the agents in the assasinorum or at least inqusitors in strength

Edit: thinking about it having a sniper rifle or a genetic modification like the culexas and callidus would be pretty cool


I finished now and it’s really awesome :grin:. The dark interface is really cool. The characters, the plot and the options is really good too. I love a militaristic history, and this is a increbile work. I cannot find any more sugestion for now, it’s a really good gamebook here
Good work and lucky for you in the project :wink:


All of the options…

…but chemical warfare, 1 man army, air support and burn-inate everything are my top options.


One man army all the way that`s just to bad ass to pass up


so we are this universe Master chief?..if so one guy army all the way.


my Operative is a equal opportunity asshole


@J_97 do you have a favorite character so far?

@CultOfCthulhu lol very nice.


Sure, it’s Liana, and my operative like she even more :smirk: hehe
I like very much she bio’s past info too :smile:


Me too bro. Awesome options :smile:


Very nice comparison, the Chief is really a bad ass :smile:
Or perhaps it’s a little like Darth Vader too. Both they have mechanical body parts and a fellings of anger. And the scene of Vader in the Rogue One ending proves it, and he like’s to kill rebels too huahua (I chose this option when displayed to my operative in the game here with no hesitation haha)
Here in the game we have our own squad of EUG Marines, commanded by Captain Schofield. And Vader had his 501 Legion at his disposal also called “Vader Fist” too.
I really enjoyed having this feature at our disposal in the game :grinning:


I hope to expand on the bios more and keep adding new characters to it!
I am curious to eventually make a poll of who ended up with what companion, transferring to their new assignment. If that makes sense haha


In your main playthrough did you end up commanding Captain Schofield and the UEG marines or Designate Six and the CWC shock troops?

  • Designate Six and CWC
  • Schofield and UEG marines

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Mine is Liana Swarovski …

By the way, in the beginning we had option about why we are back in this game, if i chose “to find someone i care about” … is this someone a person i knew in the past ? or is this someone a person i hope to find in my future ?


It is from the past, it effects events throughout the playtest which is nice :3 it’s your motives


I suspect that should be Ari …hehehe :slight_smile: an interesting character nonetheless … but at the same time, i am leaning on Liana to be my main character’s companion :smile:


To be fair it says a character you care about not necessarily a love interest :3


Is it possible that The Operative share a similar space Opera theme as Warhammer 40K ? i can’t help but notice that there is an Emperor in both universe , the Emperor in warhammer 40k is refer as Emperor of Mankind , and he also demand absolute loyalty from his subjects and shape a universe with his ideology … there are space marines for both universe , and the Operatives sound similar to warhammer’s Inquisitor ?? :smile:


I do not know too much about the Warhammer universe, however I am aware of it and it has inspired a couple things… The Operative shares many themes found in space operas, I felt as there wasn’t a COG set in that kind of universe with the scale and history to also back it up so this was my project to fill that role and hopefully some more similar stories will start to pop up! :smiley:

For instance the Operatives themselves were actually inspired by Final Fantasy 7 and its super soldier program. XD

(Inspired not copied yee in the background who might think that means certain things about the plot because it DOESNT! :stuck_out_tongue: lol )