The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 6/28/2018)



I like much the idea, be a emperor fist like Darth Vader is, with your armor too :smile:
Be the most powerfull ally of the emperor it’s a good thougt and source of power
This remeber too of War of Old book series, i like very much this type of history

Few sugestions and doubts:
-Have chance for this become a series? This type of history of the game, this universe too, i love to follow in the history
-If they have a sequel, a good history for it could be the expansion of the UEG for news territories and a Xeno wars with alien species, and with a more powerfull position the UEG ranks, what path follow, terminate xenos for expansion and colonization? Diplomacy? Defend alien invasion or stop the plans for it and strike first?
I Will love terminate some xenos… :smiley:
-Future option to become a emperor heir or pick the throne for force is a interesting path to follow if this become a series.

Thanks and good luck with the works :wink:


All I can say is… One thing in that list I nodded at. And another I have noted as a suggestion. That is all :smiley: muhahaha


I reading the uptade log now and see this:
"1/13/2018: An interesting scene leading up to the interrogation scenes!"
OMG, there’s be interrogatories too?
I’m very happy to make the traitors cooperative… :smirk:
Can this day get any better? Huahua
Sorry, but one more question, there will be RO’s in the game too?


Yes there will be, Have you gotten a chance to playthrough the updated version yet?


I chose gain a power base for my motive.

The Emperor wears no clothes and I want all his power for myself.


I check it now :smiley:


Let me know what you think! :smiley: I hope you like it! ^.^


@Disciple So it didn’t end up fitting with what I needed to happen in that scene HOWEVER your idea for a mystery/puzzle I am going to implement into a later update in a place it fits a lot better with. :slight_smile: thank you.


Just tried out the demo, apart from some grammar mistakes, the demo is promising!

The plot is interesting so far. I chose to be an assassin, and a very private/cold person. (at least he became this way after the war, I imagine)

(I wonder if the Emperor will notice how devoted my operative is… :stuck_out_tongue: )

Edit: if you want, I could PM you some of the mistakes I noticed, when I have the time?


That would be very helpful thank you! :smiley:


This is the story of the birth of the God Emperor!


lol you have been around my project for a long time. :smiley: lol hail the god emperor! >:3

Also I sense a wild @SabrinadizaLS typing! >:3



Anyway, have been long I’ve not play this demo (or at least it’s feel long to me). I like the new dark theme, it’s suitable with the game imo. Also loving the meeting with Ari, wonder what happen to him/her. At first I give the Governor benefit of doubt, but seeing how Ari changed like that (possibly) because of him, I restart and shot him (or his clone to be exact, I wonder how many clone he have).

Curious who’s that spy, so certainly looking forward for the ‘talk’ with that spy.

I notice that there some kind of characters profile if we push the next button at stats, I suggest to use choice for to access the profile, that way it will be more noticeable and easier to navigate when there 2 or more profile.

I’m also notice few things, would you like for me to report it here or at PM? And lastly, do you okay with fanart(I’m can’t promise it though)?


ah yes i remember when i was suggesting a huge amount of fallout weapons


PM works, and yes im fine with fanart? XD


cough cough Those suggestions are not forgotten.


@SabrinadizaLS Also there is a route to interrogate the spy that works I believe… Just the others needed extra polishing so i had to remove them from update… One scene had no commas after a late night hanging with friends… we dont talk about that… :3 lol XD :wink:


Good to know my idea had some merit. I’ll look forward to it.


More polls yay!
Soon our Operative will be sent to regain control of the Eastern district currently occupied by the Hawk and their forces. How would you like to be able to deal with this situation? (Some of these choices actually are already done)

  • Burn everything to the ground and sift through the rubble!
  • March into the district and commence epic house to house fighting with my troops!
  • Request a meeting between both sides leaders and find a peaceful solution or temporary ceasefire.
  • Have Six deploy chemical weapons.
  • Let them have the district for now and focus elsewhere.
  • Request a meeting with the Hawk face to face.
  • Call down air support and wipe out any enemy resistance that pops up.
  • Walk in alone. (Aka make the author figure out more ways to make you a one man army :P)
  • Something else. (Please comment and explain)
  • All of the above!

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Attempt to sneak throughout the area and assassinate the officers and the dramatically confront Hawk