The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 6/28/2018)



I just hope if we go good side we can capture all the betrayer operative since we have a past with them all


Memory wipe complete…
…Who am i?


I really like that little scene with Ari, the fact that it has variation depending if you tried to kill the governor or not was a nice touch, the following scene when you unconsciously reach out your hand to her, and her subsequent reaction to it, was quite bittersweet.

But what was that? A hallucination? Or was that really her? The "Ari…I’m sorry"
scenario seems to imply that we killed her, or at least tried to, yet the other scenario imply that we’re surprised that she’s even here in the first place.
Definitely looking forward to more interaction between the MC and Ari, even more so because the ‘love’ motive seems to indicate that she was the one we’re searching for.


hug Im glad you enjoyed that scene, I cant exactly comment on your questions sadly. If you had a more vague question I might be able to answer those though. :wink:


Heh, I can just speculate with the bits of dialogue that I’ve currently seen. When you killed the governor, or at least his clone, we learned that all rogue operatives has died by our hand, that’s why the fact that there’s at least still one left is such a surprise to us, what’s peculiar about this is the fact that we learned about this only if we killed the governor(barring any future update, of course), this seems to imply that a sufficiently ruthless MC was sent down to hunt Ari when she went rogue, but those who are not so ruthless wasn’t, so they either only received the news of her death or was helpless to prevent something from happening to her, the fact she reacted positively to our touch as opposed to being vindictive and lunging at us indicates that it is the former. Besides, what reason would an official operative have to be near a rogue operative except to hunt them down anyway? Surrendering seems to be out of the option, according to Blitz and his sister, so the only thing awaiting them is death. One thing is for sure though, Ari went rogue.

Aww, thanks!

Well, how many operatives are there? Will we meet a non rogue operative? And, if it isn’t spectacularly spoilerriffic, who’s operative code 001?


More importantly who is operative 007? :stuck_out_tongue:



Not really spoilers below but im still blurring them out. lol

You will meet a few regular Operatives, there are actually several “Generations” of Operatives each containing a different number. The first generation, our MC’s generation was 001-14 Operatives, Ari was another “first generation”

Generation two was larger but a little weaker involving fifty operatives ranging from 15-64 and it goes on for one more generation. Generation three involving even more and then the current Generation is four. They are spread out quite a bit though and the first generation is given the utmost respect by loyal members of the subsequent generations.

As for who is Operative 001… I can just give you his name. Cain

Nice… XD


One more question for everyone who got to the Designate Six interrogation scene.
What did you think of it and did it effect your view of the characters involved at all?


Oh no…that’s not good…even his very name invoke this ‘do not mess with me’ aura. On another note, I’m very tempted to name my character Abel now…but considering how the legend goes…that might not be a wise idea.

Very random question, would there be an operative 000? You know, the prototype for the rest of us?

Also, can’t wait to see how our successor acts around us.

The very fact he/she/it…them(?) questioned us if they went overboard makes me think that they’re not as psychopathic as their introduction scenes made them to be.


Everything before 001 was a failure…


Alright, so I am hoping to release the next few updates once per week like last time. :smiley:


Poll time yay!
What motive did you end up choosing?

  • Revenge
  • Seeking allies
  • Love
  • I chose one of the options but I have another in mind. (Please comment and explain)

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More polls to come soon, if I forgot a motive above let me know haha :sob:


All of you are the Emperors enforcer’s.

Should be “Emperor’s enforcers”.

However both are reported however as being dependable soldiers.

Repeating word.

Looking down from your black unkept Hair you settle on your eyes.

No reason for hair to be capitalized.

You look over at her your green eyes carefully studying her face in return.

Missing coma.

Ari has been your constant companion for years, the teams sniper she follows you even when the team was on separate assignment.

Missing coma before “she follows” and apostrophe in “teams”. I think it would be better to split it int two sentences with the first ending at years. Then start the second one with “As the team’s sniper”.

While the enemy has the area presighted for precise mortar strikes she does not.

Missing coma before “she does not”.


Should be anti-personnel I believe.

Marine and Mortor squads taking up advance positions

I think you meant mortar. No need for it to be capitalized too.

She looks a lot younger then one would expect


Not what i expected, can’t sleep either?

“i” should be capitalized

“ma’am? Is something wrong?”

“ma’am” should be capitalized.


I don’t think a full stop is correct here since it’s technically not a sentence. That’s how it works in Polish at least.

this is one of the emperors chosen

Should be “Emperor’s”

That’s what I caught in my playthrough. As for your poll, there are only 3 options, while I had many more in my game (I think so at least?). I picked enforcing the Emperor’s will or something like that.


Yeah I realized that, I have to contact a mod to change the poll and add that option. My bad there. :3
Thank you for the grammar help, I’ll fix them when I have a chance


…Your name is Jason. Jason Bourne… lol XD


Oh…sweet. I heard good things about me. this explains why im such a good enforcer, but not my metal hand…:thinking:


Aliens that’s why you have a metal hand


It’s always aliens, isn’t it? Those darn vermint, always stealing our hands! Why are we wasting our time fighting within ourselves when we should be exterminating those pests from the face of the universe?


You are Luke Skywalker. your father cut your hand off and you replaced it with a metal hand… You are the Last Jedi in the universe… Some thought you had perish , but they didn’t know you can generate more than one Force Image… You chose to come to earth because it is shy away from both Empire and Republic …:slight_smile:


I like to terminate xenos too :grin:
It’s a great idea for a sequel after the civil war no?
Like the Colonial Union did in the book “War of Old”.
Xenos need to be terminate before they terminate us or found us a deliciuos plate for the menu, never trust in the xeno’s smile…
Inteligent or not they are a threat, the Xenomorphs is enough proof of that… :joy:
I Like much to discuss this, it’s like the human dominance plan :laughing: