The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 6/28/2018)



You can set it up so there is a different look for clues scene which coincides with the selected pair, allowing you to hint at the correct choice. As a bonus, these kind of thought puzzles are good at engaging the reader. In my opinion anyway.


Still not read all of the update yet :sweat_smile: but I really love that fight with the twin.

Few things I'm notice

  1. The wording feel off here. (Would love to offer suggestion to improve it but can’t at the moment :sweat_smile:)
  2. “…companion for years, as the team snipper…”

Change dot/fullstop/period to comma at here.


…their regular clothes standing out from the military uniforms.

You look over as the lone Corps soldier pulls apart…

Recognizing the raspy voice you look at your side seeing…


Vote time! So for Designate Six would you as the reader like to choose their gender? Or would you like it set? Or do you not care?

  • Let reader choose.
  • Don’t care.
  • Have it set. (To the authors choice. Muhahahaha)
  • Have it random. (explain)

0 voters


Keep a look out over the next week or so for three things.
First the next update which keeps getting larger :joy:
Second I’m going to post several character profiles/bios including one with an illustration of the character… :wink:
Then finally a few polls for y’all to decide some stuff :wink:


The main post up is updated with the first picture, special thanks to Ragingmunkey for the amazing work! Please go give them some love!
Designate Six


that cool i hope you keep on going


As this next update will almost complete our main cast of characters (for now) I will once again ask a question regarding choosing a characters gender.
You will be introduced to a character I can only describe as you rival (like so many other games have these day lol) so here is the poll.

  • Let the reader choose the rivals gender
  • Let the author decide. :3
  • Have them be the same gender as the MC
  • Something else (explain)

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Awesome, this game is just so good


That warms my heart to hear. :smiley: Any suggestions or points of interest?


Maybe you could just add some enhancement options like electrical powers or vibration manipulation


I hope to have an update ready by next Friday. See yall then! >:3


I think its updated correctly… If not ill fix it in the morning im going to go pass out in bed. XD
Any grammar fixes, story suggestions and thoughts on the characters and what YOU would like to see are welcome and needed as I updated this after a full week of work and almost 0 sleep yay! :frowning:
Also I’m going to add a save system really soon.


I can’t get past the part where you intercept the video that says they should stay the hell away from us (paraphrased, of course), it doesn’t matter if I decided to investigate the device further or to look signs of the spy.



Should be fixed now! sorry about that haha.
There is another bug im getting though which I should have fixed by this evening. Might want to wait to retry until then :sweat_smile:


Should work now, tests came back clear so :smiley:


I just came arcross this


Odd. I tested it and it should be fixed, even tried it again. I updated it a second time and double checked again, should work.


It’s good I hope the operatives we can take prisoner and not kill them


What dose the mean I don’t understand that


Nvm, I misread your post haha forget I said anything. Though I can only say you will have to wait and see :wink:
Anything specific you liked or think could be improved? Or something you would like to see other then that?