The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 6/28/2018)



Sounds good to me, i’ll wait until then.


Death in The Operative

Is death a possible ending for routes in The Operative?

Short answer, yes.

Now for the long answer.

Putting the reader into a powerful position with a very powerful character came with issues regarding being overpowered, to combat that issue I am writing with the characters around you in mind, you may be very hard to kill but your followers and troops are just regular people. They can die very easily, and you might have to put yourself at a disadvantage to save them, and you yourself are not immortal, nor are you the biggest fish in the sea. You can die and there are characters that making mistakes around will result in your death, but it is not common as I dont want your choices to become a minefield of wrong choices, just mostly different ones.

Thats all I will say for now :wink: :smiley:


I need to be careful now.


well once we are finished with the flashback section we can finally get into our war with the Hawk the mysterious terrorist. I’m having a ton of fun adding even more to this then I originally had planned/written.

So I have an extra little question for you as our Operatives in the field! Which character in particular would you like to learn more about soon? Poll below (never used a poll so let’s see how this goes…)

  • Jacob
  • Liana
  • Designate Six
  • Admiral Anderson
  • The Governor
  • Ari
  • Myself
  • You didn’t list them…

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If i do release an update today it will be just before 12 am est time and it will make the cathedral battle 5/6 done. Then next week will get into our whole next portion with the Governor ALONG with finishing up that battle.

If I was being honest unless you have not played through the cathedral battle or want to try a different approach to it, it might be worth it to still wait :joy:


Return the solute politely and thank him.



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I’m impressed I missed that


So I have finally gotten the kill the Governor route and the diplomatic/official route to share all the core scenes they need to before splitting off again (Like setting your physical features etc etc.) so thats all nice, also updated the Cathedral battle its now 95% complete!

The next section which will either be the Friday update or sooner will open up a section where we can briefly talk with several characters from our story, including Designate Six, Captain Schofield, Liana, Jacob and another… :3

@AmericanShakespeare fixed that typo haha


I really love the CWC they are so bad ass


@Andrew_Stapleton Glad to hear it! I can assure you they will be back soon! :wink: if I may ask what scenes with them did you get?


I used the full dosage of the toxins on the city and when I engaged the rouge operatives they protected me witch maid me feel super bad ass.


More of those moments in the future. :smiley:


Alright, so this next update is going really well! Should be a decent amount of content added in including some neat character moments! (Note these character moments are open to change which is why I love feedback XD)


Update will either be really late tonight like borderline tomorrow or just tomorrow depending on how coding goes I had to redo some stuff.
Will be delayed until tomorrow evening. sorry


Updates are always on time - they are released when ready. :wink: It is better to wait and release a working update then rush and release a broken or incomplete update, and yes, I speak from harsh experience :slight_smile:


Part 1 of the new update is out, some interesting information to be found! :wink:
Next update will be out very soon. Some exciting things here and on the way!


commas, commas
So tomorrow I’ll release a quick update I would like to call the comma update, thanks to a couple people who pointed it out to me, I noticed a good portion of this story requires more commas. Therefor, I will be editing a large part of the story and make it more readable! Cya then (yes the newest section also needs it a little bit so I’d advise waiting one more day before testing out the newest part, unless you don’t mind of course)


In regards to a seek out the spy option. I suggest six bit’s of evidence, with a randomiser selecting one of three pairs of a “genuine lead”, and a “automated ambush”.

The reader would be able to choose any of the six, getting a false lead scene should he choose one besides other than the “genuine lead” or “automated ambush”. I’d advise using an order someone else to investigate scene to shorten the false lead scenes to simple but detailed reports.

If your feeling clever you could use these reports to subtly foreshadow future events, making it seem as if there was something going on and it was just less obvious than the GL or AA, lending credence to the idea that the bases could swap through different attempts.


Interesting suggestion, I was thinking something similar, though I’m a little hesitant to make something completely random.


Alright, the polish update is somewhat done and now out, but I am sure you all will point out stuff I managed to miss! lol Now time for me to work on the next muhahaha!