The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 6/28/2018)



My main inspirations for the prologue were partially from the video game Starcraft: brood war.


Did you perhaps intend to name that unit Imperial Chemical Warfare Corps? I mean, Corps is pronounced same as Core and would make much more sense in this context.


Derp… Lol I’ll change that when I get home. Thanks for pointing it out to me! :joy:


sir i will fall you in this great imperial XD to my dieing days sir / five hour later / sorry sir i have die by Hawk


What I found (and sorry, I going to be rather… “picky” at this :grin:)


“The governor certainly has spent some of his wealth in defense, his compound houses four hundred Imperial regulars, along with three hundred and fifty of his “personal Guard”,”

“Should you go into combat you can count on”



I think with it is unnecessary here.

“You sign, leaning your head back looking up at the ceiling.”

I don’t think ] is necessary there.

And is it supposed to be “I can’t risk another trip there…”?

I don’t think the is necessary here.

blue, green, yellow, and red


“your… Skill”, the space.

“the desk. The man”, space is needed.






“His Chief of Security Warren Byers”

“We have four hundred UEG Regular Peacekeepers along with three hundred and fifty of my best men.”

“suitcase. Turning to you”

“or camera’s. You”, the space.

“Looking down from your black unkept hair you settle on your eyes.”

This is Admiral Anderson of the UED space expeditionary force, standing by.”



Also, I notice when looking at code there actually more, but I’m stuck at this:


Picky is good! Thank you for pointing those out! :slight_smile:


Also if it says that I did close off a couple routes so I could rework some things but I will check it out.


So currently ive been working on the more violent route, its going to intersect temporarily with the flashback the more diplomatic people before it separates again. As for the flashback, next update should put the MC against at the least 1 at most 3 Rogue Operatives. This is going to be a great fight that i hope you will enjoy!

After that we get back to our main story versus the rebels and working with or against the Governor and his Mercenaries.


Weapon Choice and Fights
When engaging more challenging opponents your weapon and armor choice heavily influences the tone of the fights, will offense or defense be the best? Maybe you can even shrug off initial blows and gain a advantage. Maybe you will even curb stomp them without another thought? Some fights can be ended quickly, or maybe you dont want to end it quickly? I wonder why you would prolong it… Maybe more exposition? Yay? 0_O One reason i like this idea is it will make playthroughs even more unique, one of you might remember one character as a threat and a fun fight while another might of more or less brushed them aside.

Also it was interesting writing some of the fights coming up because of this choice of how battles go. Another interesting influence on fights is present vs past fights. In the flashbacks we can further influence how we see our character. Maybe we want our character to used to be a brash impulsive fighter, but now maybe the MC has mellowed out and turned into a more cautious but no less deadly fighter?

Soldier loyalty
Throughout the MC’s travels they will encounter various elements of the UEG armed forces. How we deal with them and how we use them in combat will effect both how effective they are down the line and maybe even where they end up if a “internal conflict” arises.

Your thoughts
I would very much like you as the reader and the MC :wink: to let me know what you think of these influences on your journey, and on what you would like to see or maybe what you hope to get out of this story? (Yes more then just the demo is complete btw and i know im not giving you much to form thoughts from so sorry about that… :3 ) Also I love just overall thoughts because otherwise ill just keep doing my thing all lonely like. lol Anyway, back to work i go! :smiley:


@SabrinadizaLS Funny thing is ive been so consumed with this upcoming update i almost forgot to fix those errors you pointed out. But please know I did get around to them and i highly value the assistance! At least i hope i got all of them… Be right back 0_o


how operative doing i hope it doing good


Going well, working on several fight scenes during the flashback, plus the end of the flashback and the beginning of our hunt for the rebels on the Governors planet! :smiley:


well how are doing boss man or women


I’m doing ok, hating and loving myself for how far this is going to start branching. Lol


don,t hate your self ok becouse your good work on this


Alright, so eta on next update is friday of this week. If not that then monday of the following week. One of the two. XD (looking like sunday or monday based on how this week is going)


how did you start the operative


@Takashi_Shin It was one of several ideas I had to decide between which ones to focus on.

Also today is the day of the next update, however i hope to start a regular weekly update starting this friday after the update. They will vary in size but should be enough to at least check out. :smiley:


I’m confused I get to a certain part in the novel but then all of a sudden it freezes


And it happens 100% of the time