The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 12/17/2018)



Will there be more weapon options.


My car broke down in the middle of nowhere so my update will be delayed a day or so :neutral_face:


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! crushes all nearby medidroids

But seriously, take your time, real life comes first, bud!


I cant save game,is it some kind of error?


That sucks now how it feels


It’s been an on and off error with the code. I’ll look into fixing it.


Hey how was your car ?? :-):grinning:


Several hoses had become unhooked and the entire steering had to be replaced. lol but it runs now at least haha


Great to know everything is fine now :slight_smile:


here is a scene with no context yay! Lol

“When do you think you will release the casualty numbers?” Muldoon asks Pavlov, looking at him curiously.

“We won’t,” Pavlov responds, raising an eyebrow, correction, his one eyebrow “you knew that answer already Ken. It’s bad for state morale.”

Muldoon makes an indignant face before looking back at his cards.

“The families will know, they will talk.” He mutters.

“Maybe, maybe not. If they do we can write it off as emotional outbursts, they are directing their anger at the state.”
Pavlov says without hesitation before pausing at his own words. “It’s not right, but it works, it keeps it together. We need that more then ever, you know that.”

“I know,” Muldoon says, grinning at Elia suddenly “I’m calling your bluff boss, pair of jacks.”

The admiral looks at him with a predatory gaze.

“Close but not quite. Pair of queens.” She says slamming the cards down on the table before taking a swing of Coffee.

“Looks like you called wrong,” Elia says grinning as she scoops the poker chips to her side of the table “maybe next time just bow out.”

The other at the table laugh, shaking their heads at her, you just quietly watch over her shoulder at the games unfold.

Captain Schofield quietly turns in several cards before taking a sip of Scotch, his eyes looking at you and then back at his cards.

“How is your father doing Muldoon?” Schofield asks suddenly, interrupting the silent stare down that had been continuously going between rounds.

The balding Muldoon glances at Schofield before shrugging.

“He’s managing, he should be on a shuttle to Regis Prime Medical Institute right now, the admiralty is helping me with the bill and hopefully he will be feeling better soon.” He says trying his best to sound confident.

“If you ever need help…” Elia begins, not taking her eyes off the cards.


The admiral puts down her cards for a moment, giving Muldoon a look screaming, I’m serious.

“You should have those two marines attached to you join us Operative,” Pavlov chuckles “maybe they will add a more cheery tone to our conversations.”

“Doubtful” they all voice at once before giving off another round of laughter.

It’s nice, though you can’t help but note the many empty spaces at a large table that used to seat over fifteen people. Reduced to so few…


Huh? Which one does this scene belongs to? The Operatives or the other one?


Random scene from my notes for the operative


Car is fixed and work will be calming down so I hope to crank out a few updates soon! <3


Expect an update tonight.


Updated! Im not 100% happy with it but the stealth route is 90% done. If it was too sudden or the pacing is screwed up just let me know! If you are curious about when the other routes will be updated well im working on then right now so soon I promise :wink:
There is so much fun story in store for you all very soon! Will give a peak soon of what to come. (As im sure some of you might be wondering where this is all going :3)
Also if any of you who have played through already I do encourage you to play other choices and see if you run across any interesting differences, look carefully for them! :wink:


Using updated poll for me to keep track
Vote on your two favorite characters so far!

  • Liana
  • Jacob
  • Admiral Anderson
  • Captain Schofield
  • The Governor
  • Ari
  • Commander Alderman
  • Designate Six

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There is no way i am not voting for Liana :-):grin:


liana has my vote


New year and plenty of writing goals abound! Exciting stuff coming!


For me it has to be Ari and Six.