The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 12/17/2018)



Fixed an issue with the stealth route being closed for some reason :confused:


The save seems broken now.


I have fixed that save so many times haha XD Ill go fix it again asap!


Love love love this!!

am i the only one who experienced this or…?


Nah me too😭 Usually if you met that error it’s either your browser having an error or it’s the end of the demo. Did you get to the end of the demo?


Yep. It says… Err… What did it say? Let me replay the game
There you go


Yeah that’s the end of the demo. Unless the demo get a new update it will end at that point.


Oh so that’s why there an error after pressing next chapter :open_mouth:


I should probably have the demo end more gracefully aye? :sweat_smile::joy: sorry


I think it’s fine the way it is. It’s kinda funny watching people asking about that😂

Edit: Do you have a beta going already or are you still focusing on world building? I’m rather new to this thread so I haven’t completely caught up.


Nah It sokay :slightly_smiling_face: oh, love your story by the way :hugs:

Oh if it is can I be beta tester for this game? It really one of my favourite!


I don’t believe there is a beta testing going on but Spytim does have a Discord thread for this story. There’s a link for it at the bottom of the original post if you want to join.


Work is continuing a little slower then I would of wanted. Family barged into town so that’s always a bit distracting lol!


Do you need some alcohol to drink? If so, click a like and I’ll send you some. Lol

Edited: Only if you drink and of legal age in your country. But really it’s just a joke.


Going to be trying a new update style which is release the individual branches as I finish them but only announce a big update when all of the reach certain checkpoints ive laid out for myself. This should help me (at least mentally) get you all the update regularity that you deserve! :smiley:


Can’t argue with that :grin:


that good hear happy for you


By next week (estimating monday or so) I should have the main city assault and the stealth routes… “conclusions” written and updated.

You stealthy Operatives get a much different and more “quiet” conclusion then the other ones. Also some interesting dialogue… :wink:


Give me a “Hasta La Vista, Baby” option (flavor choice) for the main city assault conclusion :joy:


Lol, that can be arranged…