The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 12/17/2018)



@guardsman000071 That’s a really nice story thought, being reminded of an old comrade. Very nice :wink:


I would go more with a soft hearted individual…mixture of front lines soldier with a diplomat mixed in and of course, weakness to a certain someone


Had you ever thought of adding one more distinguish personality? How about “Preacher Operative” ? :slight_smile:

This operative will “Preach” about the greatness and “teaching” of the emperor … always attempting to “guide” non-believers or rebels back to the “righteous path” , and before slaying his/her opponent … will offer to “save their souls” if the opponents confess their sins , i believe that will be an intriguing sight for such unique personality :slight_smile:


So like an extreme of the more loyalty bound operatives? I could see it working


Hahaha… yeah, i would think they can be like the Blood Angels of Warhammer or in ancient medieval, they are like the Teutonic Knights :slight_smile:
They truly believe they are Warriors of Faith who fight for the “Higher Power” :wink:

And they consider themselves performing an act of mercy by insisting their opponents confess their sins before killing them :-):stuck_out_tongue: you know … to save their enemy’s soul


So a chaplain ?

Could you imagine this happening ?



Warhammer Chaplain seems devote mostly to the spiritual well beings of the Marines and bring along them a wave of destruction … i don’t think they are compassionate enough to “guide” non-believers back to the “Right” path :-):stuck_out_tongue:


The only right path for a xeno and a heretic is death


Chaplain definitely not my style :wink:
I want non believers to remorse, not kill them :-):stuck_out_tongue:
I may even entitle to pass judgement on the Emperor :-):joy:


Progress report: working in the mountains away from home so it will be a rush to finish the coding for the written bits and then some filling in work. ETA two days or so.


The plan is to release the stealth route tomorrow and the rest Sunday.


Delayed a day or two, had to make an emergency trip. :frowning:


Please stay safe, my friend :slight_smile:


We get free entertainment. You do what you need to do.

As @Eric_knight said, stay safe!


As I make this emergency trip I decided I wanted to send y’all a portion from my notes.(sent from my phone lol)

Many of you may be wondering a few things about this situation our operative finds themselves in. You may wonder why there is such a small garrison on this planet? Why is there such a small population it seems?

Governor Gurbochev of C-87 controls a now major fuel refueling depot, after the loss of C-90 which possessed a massive fuel supply to ACC forces the governor was thrown into a situation of incredible demand of his planets fuel stores.

Utilizing drones and automatic miners the colonists who are 80% technicians and engineers for the automatic mines and robotics that do most of the work.

Possible variables behind the rebellion:

There is limited pickup on the ground, most of the fuel is flown into orbit where several tankers remain orbiting the planet and are sent out as needed to patrol fleets.

As such there was very little interaction between the colonists and their garrison or the Governor himself. This lack of involvement, and communication would later be a large issue leading to rebellion.

Political ignorance:

Another proposed issue was the lack of a planetary political commissar, whose job would of been managing propaganda and forging a connection between the populace and their leaders and protectors. Most households didn’t even tune into news broadcasts from other parts of the empire as no public newsstands or broadcaster station were setup by the governor due to possible negligence or inexperience in managing a prosperous depot.

Military presence:

the lack of a fleet guarding the planet was an issue dating back to the early war years. Due to the planets role of a military fuel depot and not a trade network crews on leave almost never visited the planet below, and since almost no trade existed in system except for government convoys supplying new equipment or food, there was a lack of a police fleet guarding the civilians. Most ships had been redeployed to planets closer to the front or put on commerce raiding duty. The lack of a fleet was still a serious strategic mistake by the admiralty which only due to luck or poor intel on the system was never exploited by commonwealth forces.

After the end of the war the imperial navy is still recovering and redistributing ships, however a small destroyer group is due to be placed in orbit to guard the fuel tankers from possible sabotage or attack from now on. Also the plans for a small space station is currently waiting for approval to be built on the system.

End section 3 C-87

(If you see anything that has a contunuity issue or would like something else clarified please let me know. Also what are your thoughts on these portions of my world building notes I’ve posted for a while?)


BOOM NINJA UPDATE! Not as big as I wanted but Ill try to increase the frequency of updates overall this month so keep your eyes out! …Also play around with choices a bit if you so wish, might find some little surprises. :wink:

Another thing is if you have suggestions or you feel something was bland and needs some spicing up (NO NOT THAT KIND OF SPICING UP YOU FLUFF CRAVING PEOPLE!) just let me know!

This update is part one of three to finish out this portion of the story :smiley:

Now time to wait for bugs to come flowing in XD ;(


So far no bugs had been encountered… and i found that it will be more fun to let Liana interrogate the spy instead :slight_smile: and i defeat the rebels by sparing everyone :-):laughing:


I don’t know if this has been asked before but why some of the operatives decide to betray the emperor? Aren’t they supposed to be some elites indoctrinated to be extremely loyal to the emperor?


Well… supposedly they found out that the emperor is not a hollier-than-thou person, and he may be as corrupt or cruel as a villain… like the human emperor in Starcraft , who Jim Reynor and Sarah Kerrighan fought against :wink:


have you tried mixing in Bhut Jolokia, onions, and a bit of sunflower oil?