The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 12/17/2018)



Liana is that tiny little cricket on my shoulder trying its best to be a semi-moral compass for me.
irony She’s my moral compass
I just dont always listen…


No no no… poor Liana is the one who act “good cop, bad cop” with me, i thought i would play the bad guy…but Liana always so caring for me, playing bad cop on my behalf and let me be the hero…that was too sweet, as if she really doesn’t want me to be the bad guy :-):hugs:


Yes you will get a chance to meet the emperor a few times.


Still hunting two bugs that are ruining people’s playthrough. They will be destroyed before the big update!


One bug down. One to go!


@spytim I hope I’m not bothering you with these questions, but has there been accounts of an operative retiring or is it more of an until death thing ? And also how long is an operative’s lifespan ?


@guardsman000071 questions are always welcomed!

To answer the first, Operatives can be allowed to retire however it can only be if the Emperor himself permits it. Only two operatives have done it so far. One was forced due to mental issues while the other was allowed for taking several shots meant for the Emperor during the onset of the revolt.

The second I must decline to answer for now :wink::smiling_imp:


Do you plan on this being a series?


I hope to make it into a series yes. But I am writing this story in a way that it can be read alone mostly. If that makes sense? :grin:


so more like a standalone with room left for a sequel.


Mostly yeah :grin:


It is a good idea… so basically we will have an ending without any cliffhanger , and should there is a sequel it will be a continuous adventure :slight_smile:

Hmmm… perhaps the ending could be like MC run away from the emperor with the love one and decide to live happily ever after :-):grin:


What this means for future scenes who knows :wink:


After some pretty dumb delays I hope to have the next update done sometime next week. This update should include the stealth route for the night attack and lead up to our final showdown with the Hawk! In one way or another… :wink:


I dont want to rush you but… OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!

Take your time. Free entertainment. Great story. I’d prefer it done to your satisfaction than to have it rushed.


Tell me about how your Operative behaves, are they a monster who crushes the opposition? A silent threat who has yet to unleash their combat abilities to the full? A diplomatic commander? A loyal enforcer? OH the possibilities!

I would like to know how you are playing your Operative, followed by what you feel that sort of playthrough should include in your mind. (no promises though :stuck_out_tongue: )

(For example, brutal front line warrior might wish to unleash the full might of the UEG on a town, or level it completely. A diplomatic Operative will of course wish to have the opportunities to be, well, diplomatic and so on. But im referring to down the line. To maybe get the gears going below is titles to my outline for the story… no further details though, just titles :wink: )

First Flashback
An old friend/foe
Preparation for battle
Night attack
Morning contact/counter attack
Battle for the city/massacre
Showdown at dusk
Boiling point
The flagship
Journey to the capital
A meeting and a dance
The chase
Battle of the admirals
Boarding the Resolute
Hunters mark
First contact
A diplomatic engagement
Fire across the Empire
The duel


My MC is definitely a Diplomatic commander, avoiding confrontation beginning from touch down and even in flashback, was trying to persuade the surrender of the 2 rogue operatives… even to the extreme of allowing them to draw fire first :slight_smile:… and also negotiating the deal with the spy as well


I assume when you meet the Hawk you will take those options too :smiley:


Yes… of course :wink:
I would advice him to retreat to a safer planet, bring whoever he want to go with him and allow me to end the crisis peacefully… :-):grin:


My MC is cold, calculating and pragmatic. He’s willing to adapt to any situation to further his goals and by extension the will of the emperor. For example, when landing, he didn’t want to kill the mercenaries because it would be a waste of the emperor’s currency and would lower his chances to defeat hawk. But when meeting the rogue operatives he offered them an honorable surrender but then attacked immediately (I can’t decide whether he was genuinely pissed and felt that they betrayed him, or if he wanted to gives his fellow operatives a proper death)

Deep down though, he’s a nice guy who genuinely wants to help citizens and improve their lives. Though the only people he shows a small degree of warmth are that operative (it’s been a long time since I played this, don’t judge me), Jacob, designate six, and Liana (because she reminds him of that operative)