The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 12/17/2018)



You meant we should have armour like imperial guard? :slight_smile:


I meant that the imperial guard are an exception since they’re just regular people, and they can still kick ass

Also isn’t the MC mentioned to be wearing a shirt ? So I think we already have standard flak armor :laughing:


The types of armor the mc has is very different and does result in some curb stomp battles while others… more even and easily won or lost.

Also y’all haven’t even seen the Emperors guard yet. :smiling_imp:


Please tell me they look like the custodes :sweat_smile:

just look at how fabulous they are




I think the emperor’s guard is something like this


As long as you recognize Ciaphas as the true Badass i’m fine with Acknowledging it.

Heroism is Ciaphas’s middle name

i swear the guard suck horribly on average, but they do shell out a few steller Imp groups ever few million dead imps. they prectically have a 25 minute lifespan on the ground, the ones that beat those odds become feared and are the just in case SM goes bonkers or some other project shells out rouge assasins, or the Eldar grow some balls.

if you mean the elites sure thatd be nice, or do you mean the bullet bait(las Bait)?

First thought…custodes

ok they strike fear into Space marines even when outnumbered 3 to 1. So with the way were described task force wise i get the picture we may be only one step down from them.


That helmet Just Screams “Target me!” to snipers or Archers in the medieval age so silly


Oh… i would think those spiky wings actually distract the archer to shoot at the “wrong position” (towards those horns) :-):grin:

It had been told that these decorated helmets of the Teutonic Knights actually present a sight of “Awe” and “Fear” when they rode out to charge at their enemy … accompany by their bulky shining armour , their enemy would thought they descended from the heaven to cleanse the land of Evil doers :-):sweat_smile:

I would think Blood Angels Primarch Sanguinius is much more heroic and glorified :slight_smile:


Macharius 5 life (I wrote 5 because it’s bigger than 4)

That’s how the imperium of man rolls, they have the manpower so they just throw enough corpses at any problem until it’s solved


and thus the kill-bots were defeated…

I dont know Cain was the only Imp who was effectivly immortal becuase people got tired of having to unlist him as kia because he came back. Now he is just Perpetually listed as Mia.
i mean “hero of the Imperium”. He is Practically a honorary Space marine
i think i might name my Mc Ciaphas and pretend his last name is Cain in a playthrough.


Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he has a splinter cult that worships him as an avatar of the Emperor :thinking:


Well … it was said it was Sanguinius who delay Horus long enough , and he told the emperor about the weakness of Horus’ armour that allow the emperor to kill Horus…

And after his death, all Blood Angel had a “Black Rage” that will enable the Blood Angels to ersdicate any Chaos element in the universe…

So i would think Blood Angels are the best :slight_smile:


and thus the Red Vs Blue Fanwar began
Papa Smurf Vs Lil Lucy


More like caused that chink in the armor.
If he didn’t solo that chaos army and fight daemon prince Angron he could’ve killed Horus

I like them because of the Lamenters


I was so impress with Blood Angels that in a MMA game i play, i name the name of my gym “Blood Angels” , or it could be a faction of my wrestling stable …the name is so cool …

I always love Red Colour, Manchester United is red… England is Red as well … :-):grin:


Designate Six: all we needed was a High grade Viscus Gas Canister and BOOM One Crippled Horus For my Personal Trophy Room/Interrogation room
Mc: Get all the intel you can and send a Pic of us all with him to our emperor.

Psst Leeds Rules!


@spytim will we get to meet the emperor ? What’s he like ?


Ahhhh… Leeds is Manchester United Nemesis due to War of the Rose i think, Manchester was Red Rose and Leeds was under York right ? the White Rose…Lol

I don’t think a grenade can blow up Horus… It was written Horus and Sanguinius were the 2 most unbeatable loyalist of the emperor, with them together they destroy many formidable foes :slight_smile:


Don’t forget that he was possessed by all four the chaos gods at the duel


your thinking small time grenades.
this is Designate six the master of Gas weaponry im sure he can think of something.
maybe even develop something that can temporarily open up the warp in a small 2 foot area, or creat a thermoberic reaction from the viscus gas?
he probably unerves even most our operatives with his skills.


Luckily Six like me… Lol, but i still let Liana be my 2nd in command :-):stuck_out_tongue:

Life will be boring without her…