The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 12/17/2018)



This is a fun read. Something I can’t help but lust for weapon wise. I dig Dual Pistols and Swords. But why can’t we have a Sword and a Pistol or One Handed SMG or something? :sweat_smile: Unless this has been asked before.


lol, In a near future update, Operatives will get additional weapons to use…


I am really hoping to use a sword and pistol or a flamethrower or maybe some heavy weapons with juggernaut armor.


If any of you are interested in helping me go through some notes/ideas and future scenes for The Operative and The Admiral you are welcome to message me on here or get in touch with me over the choice of games fan discord, curtesy of Leem.
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Never thought about that :thinking:


Working on finishing touches to the stealth route as we speak. <3


That great to hear I can,t wait see what route to get good or bad end


There is even a possible armor change I have planned/mostly written. :grin:


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I has work with me in lot of way in arma 3 time


Mystery of the twentieth fleet

During the UEG’s long history many rumors have popped up as a result of claimed cover ups. One of particular interest among even ACC intelligence is the loss of an entire fleet during the war.

Twenty five ships tasked with flanking around commonwealth forces and engaging them from behind during an upcoming offensive, the ships proceeded to a seldom traveled portion of space.

They never engaged any targets and no proof was found that they ever crossed into commonwealth space.

Several ships were tasked with finding the fleet and followed their original set course around a nebula before it ended. From there it was the captains choice how to flank around.

After trying several routes the ships would eventually find a clue, a single, physical communications black box from one of the supply transports following the fleet.

Measuring about two meters across its purpose was to record flight info and possibly communications data, it also had a compartment that could have items stored into it.

The compartment had been vented and emptied, but the flight data was intact.

The fleet had been engaged by a scout craft and fearing retaliation had deviated far outside the known route before coming to stop.

The last recorded system wide command was at 2300.

Initiate quarantine.

The rescue ships were ordered back and The chemical core and Biological weapons unit was assigned to make contact with the fleet and do a threat assessment.

Two designates were assigned to oversee the operation.

No further report was filed on the operations.


I so picture muh nice hugging operative combat armor as this kek to a point

Edit: because ~~




Glad to see that I’m not the only one who thinks their MC looks like a space marine :grin:


They are the best


this is going to be my armour


A needle gun will deflate those air pillow shoulders you have on - or are they poolside floaters? :wink:


Hahaha… had you play Starcraft 2, this is the design of Human Terran Armour Vs the Swarm and Protos, they look effective :-):stuck_out_tongue: