The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 12/17/2018)



So some bugs I found unless the game is suppose to end at these scenes
1.When at the camp and the Rebels begin attacking, if I choose to help the medics drag away the Marines my game crashes

2.Same scene, this time if I choose to hang back to organize the defense, when I choose to send in the reserves instead of Schofields Marines to help with the flank, at the end im told the Captain(I’m assuming Schofield unless it’s alderman) has been hurt even thought I held Schofield back

3.Same scene (again) I chose to send Schofields Marines, and when the tank comes I chose to attack it directly by going inside, however when I choose to execute the crew and keep the controls working my game abruptly ends unless you have it that way

  1. Small Spelling typo (Capital B for blitz)


Thank you! I will fix those this evening :slight_smile:


@FauxCoeur Everything but the drag the soldiers away choice is fixed. That one is acting really odd, i think it might be I screwed up the coding but im hunting for it. :slight_smile:


Looking for forward to testing it :smiley:
Keep up the good work!


I am also experiencing the same bugs that @FauxCoeur mentioned.


@spytim When I try to launch myself forward during the battle on the hill with the katana a 404 error pops up


I keep getting that one too


@spytim also all the options when boarding the loader and jumping down inside are 404 errors hope this helps


Update is delayed a little while I hunt down these pesky bugs


It’s fine take all the time you need


Alright, I think its fixed. lol I hope XD
My tests check out but if this update has taught me one thing… My tests mean squat haha
Anyway, im gonna work some more on the stealth route (I dont forget you sneaky sneks out there.) And also a scene I think you all will love when it shows up later :wink:


points up Cover-art, yay!


I like your cover-art, it is almost like a novel’s paperback cover.


Wow… its almost exactly how I imagined an operative would look like, it even fits the genre perfectly like @Eiwynn it could pass off as an syfi novel, Is the chair she’s sitting on the governors?


When me and the artist were discussing it I had two different locations in mind… :wink:


Hoping to release the stealth route this friday. :slight_smile: It branches off quite a bit from the battle. :wink:


Update delayed but it shall be out soon!


great see you still with the operative


Why not develop an AAC storyline? @spytim


I considered the possibility several times, I didn’t think it fit into the “Operative” storyline I have laid out so I set it aside for now. I got a couple of ideas I could develop as a spinoff though…